When San Diego’s talk station KOGO AM600 announced they were going to chat about obnoxious Super Bowl ads, they asked listeners to call in with the ones they wanted to discuss.

Instead, I sent a producer I knew my piece, I am apologizing #LikeAGirl for Super Bowl Ads’ #WarOnMen. As a result, their independent-minded host, Bob “Sully” Sullivan, invited me to chat with him about the commercials, as well as my work at both Legal Insurrection and College Insurrection related to the challenges men face today.

Here’s a video with the exchange:

Sully is the father of two daughters and really enjoyed the #LikeAGirl advertisement from the makers of Always feminine hygiene products. However, during show prep, he uncovered material related to several subjects were follow here: The hostile environment our young men face on many college campuses and the “neutralization of maleness” in our society.

I am happy to say that he came away from our chat a believer. When he rewatched the #LikeAGirl clip with a fresh perspective, Sully recognized that a boy had been “sacrificed” in the female empowerment ad. He also understood the double standard I described in the T-Mobile ad.

Now, a phrase that I used during the chat, “hashtag activism”, is part of a clip that is making the rounds on the airwaves promoting Sully’s show.

I really enjoyed the chance to shamelessly promote Legal Insurrection to the very independent-minded San Diego audience.

By way of background, Sully has been in the radio business for over 20 years, His work contributed significantly to the effort to remove “Filthy Filner” from the mayor’s office.

Sullivan was a driving force behind the recall effort of former Mayor Bob Filner, who he nicknamed “The Emperor.” To collect signatures to get Filner booted from office, he hosted “Sully’s Petition Drive Thru” in August at the radio station.

“We can fully take credit for planting that seed for Bob Filner and starting the Recall Bob Filner Campaign,” Sullivan said. “We had 2,000 people in front of the studio the day he resigned.”

I was very grateful to be able to share the Legal Insurrection team’s great work with the KOGO AM 600 audience, which is the eighth largest in the nation.


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