I don’t know about you, but after a wild week in politics, I’m more than ready for a little queso, a few silly commercials, and maximum football saturation.

For those of you who, like me, have chosen to forego an expensive cable TV subscription in favor of a long term relationship with Netflix, NBC sports is offering a free livestream of Super Bowl XLIX, pre- and post-game coverage, and the halftime show.

Katy Perry, Tom Brady, and Gronk—oh my!

Although commercials will not be streamed, you can watch them here immediately after they air. A few have already been released, including this piece of adorableness involving not one, but TWO cats and their antics:

Enjoy the game—and the break from politics!

UPDATE: Halftime report, brought to you by puppies and dads!

What, you thought we were going to talk about #Deflategate?

Apparently, the entire country is a wreck over Budweiser’s latest ad:

Dove kept the tears flowing with their latest pro-dad ad:

Thankfully, Doritos traded tears for laughs with its latest:

Enjoy the rest of the game, everyone!

h/t Gizmodo