Now that the White House has concluded its summit on violent extremism, the State Department is soliciting the public for ideas on how to combat extremism.

Via The Right Scoop:

This is what national security looks like when a community organizer is in charge.

Jon Gabriel recently addressed this issue at Ricochet:

Obama Deploys New Logo to Defeat ISIS

Chafing under criticism that they aren’t taking the threat from ISIS seriously, the State Department has launched an initiative to bring the barbarian terrorists to heel. Foregoing crude tactics like the threat of force or aggressive diplomacy, the Obama Administration has returned to what it knows best. They have created a logo:

This doesn’t offend me as an American; it offends me as a graphic designer. That is a rough-looking pile of clip art. But if the seven fonts and eight colors prove insufficient to scare away the jihadists, State also has a blog post outlining their strategy to defeat Islamist terror solve violent extremism.

In the words of my colleague Amy Miller:

That thing literally looks like something that would be in the Girl Scout hand book. We’re so screwed.

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