In the past day, things seem to have changed in the Brian Williams story.

The investigation of possible lies about being in a helicopter taking fire crossed two rubicons.

First, the scope expanded to reports about his claims during Hurricane Katrina.

Second, and more important, the mainstream media took up the call, with the NY Times and other outlets doing investigations, including NBC itself.

From Twitter to Facebook to blogs to The Grey Lady, everybody seems to want a piece of Brian Williams.

It has become internet sport at this point, a piñata onto which everyone is letting go their unrelated frustrations.

Under other circumstances, I’d say he’d weather the storm. But this time it’s different.

Williams now is hurting his peers in the mainstream media, calling into question the honesty and integrity of the mainstream news industry.

Brian Williams now is a liability to those who still manage to control so much of the narrative.

Will he stay or will he go?

UPDATE 2-7-2015 4:20 p.m. Eastern — Williams announced he is removing himself from the daily broadcast for a few days. Not sure this changes our poll question. He hasn’t resigned or been fired. Could just be strategic, hoping a week from now this has all blown over, like the vapor trails from the rocket fired, er, at his helicopter.

(Poll open until Midnight Pacific Time, Saturday, February 7)


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