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DOJ will request stay on immigration ruling

DOJ will request stay on immigration ruling

Losing the battle, winning the war

Well, that was predictable.

Yesterday, Judicial Watch revealed that in spite of an injunction barring implementation, the Obama Administration is preparing for a full-scale rollout of Obama’s controversial plans for immigration executive amnesty.

Nobody expected the Administration to take the injunction lying down—amnesty’s best chance for survival is a friendly judge—so the continued preparation was less of a scandal and more of continuing proof of Obama’s confidence in his ability to shove these terrible policies down our throats, one way or another. Similarly, yesterday’s announcement that the White House will ask for an emergency order authorizing the amnesty programs’ rollout was no shock.

More via Politico:

With pressure building from immigrant rights activists for swift action to overturn the injunction a federal judge in Texas issued Monday night, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the administration decided to seek a stay that could lift the order. The action could buy time as an appeal Obama promised plays out.

At a daily briefing, Earnest said Department of Justice lawyers will file legal papers by “Monday at the latest.” But pending further legal developments, the Department of Homeland Security’s plans to start taking applications this week for an expanded program for immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally as children remain suspended indefinitely.

“Once we have taken some additional steps through this legal process, we may be in a position to give you an update,” Earnest added.

If granted, a stay will give the Administration the near-immediate ability to continue with the program’s rollout that they would miss out on if they relied on the upcoming appeal that activists have called for and White House officials have repeatedly assured is coming:

“We — as immigrants and as Americans — have waited for nearly a quarter century for these much-needed improvements to our broken immigration system,” Marielena Hincapié, head of the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), said Friday in a statement. “We should not allow a flawed legal decision to delay these changes any longer.”

Making good on earlier vows, DOJ will also file a separate appeal seeking to restart the executive programs.

“We will seek that appeal because we believe when you evaluate the legal merits of the arguments, that there is a solid legal foundation for the president to take the steps he announced last year to help reform our immigration system,” Earnest said.

26 states led by Texas challenged the executive orders President Obama announced late last year. No ruling has been made on the merits of the challenge, and previously-implemented immigration programs will remain up and running while this plays out.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the Administration’s request.


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So basically subvert the rule of law. Or in the Democrat tradition, keep counting the votes (in this case looking for a favorable judge) then stop when you get the result you want and proclaim “See!! We were right all along.”

    Ragspierre in reply to Sheep. | February 21, 2015 at 9:53 am

    No, this is not a “subversion of the law”. It’s just the law.

    Nobody is judge-shopping. Judges at the same level don’t stay each others rulings.

    This will have to go before a court of appeals, the Fifth in this instance I believe. As I’ve noted before, it is one of the best in the nation.

They must look to the 5th Circuit court in order to obtain a stay, am I correct? or can the DOJ shop for a judge outside of the 5th circuit?

If the former, that is not looking very likely, as it is probably the most conservative circuit in the country.

“We — as immigrants and as Americans — have waited for nearly a quarter century for these much-needed improvements to our broken immigration system,” Marielena Hincapié, head of the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), said Friday

If you’re an “immigrant,” you’ve already been allowed into my country. What you mean is that illegal aliens have been waiting nearly a quarter century — since the last massive, fraud-ridden amnesty — to get another chance to have their lawlessness in my country rewarded through another massive, fraud-ridden amnesty.

Well my answer to your complaints is this: F–k you. The U.S. immigration system is only “broken” because a–holes like you decided you had the “right” to ignore my country’s laws, and the rights of its citizens, and just do and take whatever you damn well please here.

Americans are getting fed up with your greed and arrogance and overblown sense of entitlement. So take your holier-than-thou “immigrant’s” demands and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

Getting down to the hard truth…

Thanks Rags! Should be required viewing !
From the comments:
G.I. Joe
17 hours ago

If I break into your house and I have the flu, I have a right to healthcare. So you, the owner of the house, will be required to pay for my doctor visit.
If I break into your house I have the same rights as someone you invited.
Think about it. This is insane.

Illegal aliens! So what is the bottom line, when they violated the law? They are using their children as pawns to gain citizenship. The People of the United States have said NO on during many elections. So why is OUR elected official working for them and against us? There is solid evidence of the billions of dollars it costs the U.S. for them to stay here. The last number that I hardly could absorb was $583 billion dollars. That kind of money should be shifted to the Pentagon on defense against the ISIL and barbarians that will be at our borders; build the double layer fencing and add more ICE AGENTS to deport foreign nationals. This weak administration will only come to its senses, when there is carnage inside America. They will never pay enough taxes to recover the cost of them being here. Thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal aliens in the decades since lax immigration enforcement.

They have no proof that keeping the illegal aliens here will benefit the U.S. Completely ignoring the laws; the IRS has allowed illegal aliens to fraudulently acquire billions of dollars in child tax credits. The only individuals that gain advantage from illegal aliens are business, industry and agriculture interests. Americans taxpayers suffer from paying higher to taxes to support them. This is illustrated by illegal aliens using fraud, gaining jobs that should go to our own genuine populace. California as afforded them Drivers licenses although illegally here from a Democratic run Sacramento Assembly. I am most sure as many Californians know records will remain opaque of how many genuine citizens will die at their hands on the highways?

If illegal aliens get their amnesty, we, American citizens will be paying out of more taxes to cater to them, plus they will be able to apply for a $24.000 dollar check for at least for 4 years of recorded taxes earned in jobs. Currently 9 million Americans are unemployed, 6.8 million Americans are underemployed, 2.2 million Americans who are “slightly attached” to the labor force and were not counted in a ‘Forbes’ survey.

So what do Americans get in return for 5 million or more immigration amnesty for illegal aliens? Cheap labors markets for employers, a huge increase in lower wages for all Americans? This will impact mainly blacks, Hispanic and other nationalities. This will cause massive drain on America’s economy. This would be a phenomenal win for the Democratic Party for future voters; not that illegal aliens are not voting now, pressed to vote by radical Liberals? They see a future America as a Socialistic nation governed by a few at the top as Putin’s Russia? Our country not following the law, sovereignty or the constitution, but dependant on an administration who buys its votes with an abundance of freebies.

The Tea Party Republicans are fighting against their own elitists puppets of mega corporations, big business and agriculture. We must to put an end to the destruction of American families that Obama’s cheap labor policy national impact or Obama’s call for voters, legal and unlawful. Get ready for battle. Judge Andrew S. Hanen of Federal District Court in Brownsville, Tex gave us time to intercede in Obama’s crippling illegal alien directive block amnesty. We need to march all over Washington. Plaster our messages all over the offices of our elected officials. Get in their faces. We urge you to call your Representative and Senators at (the Capitol Switchboard is
1-866-220-0044) demanding that they vote to defund Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and protect American jobs for American workers, even if it means shutting down non-mandatory jobs at Homeland Security. Do not give the lawmaker’s breathing space in fact increase pressure on Washington as it your nation, your employment and shrinkage of your pay check.

You the American people, have ALL the power of your vote. If the Southern border stays open, with this President directives to overrun this country with foreign nationals the citizens will suffer extremely.