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White House hits pause on immigration agenda

White House hits pause on immigration agenda

No request for stay…yet

President Obama’s executive amnesty is now in the hands of the courts.

Earlier this week we reported that a federal court had sided with a 26 state coalition against Obama’s plans for sweeping immigration reform. The court issued a temporary injunctive order barring the President from implementing his immigration executive action—and almost immediately upon hearing the news, we set up a 5th Circuit watch, waiting for the Administration to file a stay on the ruling.

It never happened.

More from the AP:

“We’re not going to disregard this federal court ruling,” Obama said, but he added that administration officials would continue to prepare to roll out the program. “I think the law is on our side and history is on our side,” he said.

On Capitol Hill, the Homeland Security Department stood 10 days away from losing funding, but Hanen’s ruling made a compromise on that dispute look more distant than ever. Republicans are blocking funding for the agency unless Democrats agree to cancel Obama’s immigration orders, and they seized on the ruling as validation for their position.

“Congress must reassert its waning power. We must re-establish the constitutional principle that the people’s representatives control the purse,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, a leading immigration hardliner.

Yet Senate Democrats, who have been blocking a House-passed bill that would fund the department but also undo Obama’s actions, said the ruling from Hanen did nothing to budge them.

“Democrats remain united in our belief that funding for the Department of Homeland Security should not be used as a ransom by Republicans, period,” said Chuck Schumer of New York.

A contrite Administration? Maybe. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said flat out that all plans to grant documentation to illegal aliens have been suspended. Per USA Today, “Until that ruling is overturned on appeal, ‘we recognize we must comply with it,’ he said.”

Attorney General Eric Holder has said that this is one decision, by one judge, and he’s right. Still, the fact that the Administration has temporarily jettisoned a plan it was so proud of just weeks ago tells me that that one decision by one judge has them more worried than they care to admit. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said they were prepared for it, which is an admission that shows the weakness of their hand when challenged by actual legal standards.

So, what’s next? The Administration’s best chances may be through the courts, but an appeal could take years. In the mean time, don’t count on this giving Congress a free pass to shove through a clean DHS funding bill:

“Don’t count on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to play dealmaker in the fight over Department of Homeland Security funding. The Kentucky Republican is under intense pressure from conservatives to hold the line against President Obama’s immigration actions, and he shows no signs of backing down. … McConnell could have seized on the injunction to push conservatives toward funding the DHS while the court fight plays out. The fact that he didn’t, Senate Democrats say, is a sign that McConnell won’t be coming to the negotiating table.”

The best case scenario for Obama is that this drags out. It’ll give the Administration even more time to tout the success of the plan as a humanitarian issue, and Democrats in Congress more time to complain to the press about an obstructionist Republican majority.

It’s politics as usual, but for once, Republicans may just have the upper hand. This one will take patience, though.


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To truly appreciate this administration’s stance on immigration it is important to know that the UN is pushing a policy of no discrimination on the basis of a right to migrate. That then gets coupled to a UN declared right to have “human needs” met that appears to have Bipartisan support.

Instead of envisioning foreign aid as something going to other countries, the push is to provide for anyone wishing to come to the US in what is literally an economic and social justice for all stance. We think of human rights as the right not to have your head chopped off or be detained without judge or jury. Both Obama and the UN system are pushing human rights in the sense of our affirmative obligation to meet the social and economic needs of others. It’s more than just illegal voting. The idea literally is to create a majority that can seize the institutions of democracy and insist it be provided for.

Makes doing all this by XO all the worse.

    Another Voice in reply to Robin. | February 18, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    You’ve given context of the execution and fundamental changes promised by this administration. It is the confrontation of the reality of the Obama promise and the direction we are in which manifests the fears Americans who conservatively subscribe to our heritage of a Republic of United States and the founding principles of a democracy are in turmoil with. Are we on the cusp to become a nation which goes down in history as a “collapsed experiment”?

Perhaps polling indicates an overwhelming number of Americans are concerned with DRAT (Displace, Replace, Abort, and Tax) policy. Perhaps Americans are concerned that so-called minority leaders selected by the DNC are more concerned about establishing themselves than addressing the causes which motivate mass emigration of millions of people from second and third-world nations.

As for Obama, a passive DRAT (Displace, Replace, Abort, and Tax) policy is equivalent to an active DRAT policy. It’s part of the Democrat platform, enforced through executive discretion, and paid through off-budget deficit spending.

“It’s politics as usual, but for once, Republicans may just have the upper hand. This one will take patience, though.”

Never underestimate the Republican’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…..

The Tea Party and true Conservatives has welcomed Judge Hanen’s decision because it slows and perhaps may even stop Obama’s unconstitutional executive illegal alien amnesty. But the judge’s decision, brought about by principled conservative Attorney’s General and Governors, is a desperate substitute that we welcome only because GOP establishment in Congress have failed to do the job the Framers of the Constitution predicted for them. Any block to Obama’s illegal alien Amnesty, gives all Americans a chance to speak up and stand with the Tea Party against this unconstitutional law. Just like Sen. Harry Reid’s deliberate refusal to allow any vote on just about any bill that received house approval, any legislation on the illegal alien amnesty has been held in stasis.

While millions of our own people, citizens and legalized resident are seeking a decent job, fighting to survive and trying to feed their family this president illegally overshot his authority and opened the border wide, given access to criminals. Illegal aliens are criminals. People who overstay their visa and intentionally do not return home after it expires—they are criminals. Obama has split this great nation, with his radical Liberal elected official liars and corruption that has never seen the light of day before. His liberal Democratic backers are bleeding American dry of benefits and entitlements, grants meant for the people who have paid into the system. Not for illegal aliens fraudulently stealing child tax credits in the billions of dollars, or Obama’s IRS letting illegal aliens appropriate billions of more dollars in Earned Tax Credits through the theft of jobs.

The America we live in today is not the America I once knew? Everywhere I look I see the corrosion of American principles, the loss of individual freedom, the irrational fervor of the medical establishment and the tyranny of American government that is even spying on us. Our freedoms have been slowly eroding away, as this administration no longer listens to the people and gains its acceptance by massive amounts of freebies to foreigners and to the deadbeats, who are a virus on the taxpayers.

This is not the America I knew where surveillance efforts were focused on foreign enemies rather than domestic citizens, where a citizen is not threatened or intimidated by the ‘Politically Correct Police’ and free speech is becoming a thing of the past, where veterans were honored and prominent rather than condemned and medically neglected, that won World War II and beat back a tyrannical Nazi fascist government in the name of freedom and democracy. Today, the occupied American government has become the very same tyrannical fascist bully it once sought to defeat, where health insurance was affordable–and voluntary, where doctors could practice personalized, local medicine and weren’t beholden to a stifling government system of mindless diagnosis and medication prescribing.

An America where television or radio news actually resembled the facts and wasn’t just a White House propaganda racket disguised as news, where launching a conservative non-profit to educate people about the Bible or the Bill of Rights did not get you cruelly targeted by the IRS with penalizing audits, America where newly sworn-in government representatives didn’t violate the Constitution the very next day after swearing allegiance to it, where members of Congress actually read legislation before passing it, where federal regulators used to limit the power of globalist corporations rather than conniving with them to develop their power over the People, where special interests have more influence over lawmakers than the people, where the US Attorney General wasn’t a gun-running criminal thug who tried to cause gun aggression in America in order to destroy the Second Amendment,

Today we have an America where a masquerading ultra left Liberal President didn’t believe he was a dictator and didn’t use the overreach of his executive orders to dictate his illegal policies to the country bypassing Congress and implementing an illegal alien amnesty.

Where is the America where being thought of as a patriot was a insignia of honor, not an accusation of being a domestic terrorist, where people used to trade hard work for honest pay instead of merely voting for whatever politician promises them the most entitlement handouts, where your vote actually counted, and where elections weren’t systematically rigged by electronic voting machines or where non-citizens are able to vote, as there is no need to show voter ID, where real truth-telling journalism was celebrated rather than condemned and awash with Marxist ideology, Most of all, I miss the America where good, honest, hard-working, truth-telling citizens didn’t have to live in constant fear of being accused, arrested, imprisoned, fined or terrorized by their own government.

It is time for GOP hierarchy—not the Tea Party Republicans who fight against their own elitists puppets of mega corporations, big business and agriculture; to put an end to the destruction of American families that Obama’s cheap labor policy national impact or Obama’s call for voters, legal and unlawful. Get ready for battle. We need to march all over Washington. Plaster our messages all over the offices of our elected officials. Get in their faces. We urge you to call your Representative and Senators (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and demand that they vote to defund Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty and protect American jobs for American workers. Do not suppress the pressure in fact increase it on Washington as it your nation, your employment and the shrinkage of your pay check.

So are you ready to help us stop this insanity that is costing taxpayers 538 billion dollars a year and end amnesty for illegal aliens once and for all—before the true and final destruction begins? You the American people, have ALL the power of your vote. If the Southern border stays open, with this President directives to overrun this country with foreign nationals the citizens will suffer dearly, including massive tax increases to financially support the 5 million already here and those waiting to escape their country of birth.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama issues 50-page calendar of Obama’s overreaching executive actions on immigration. Read Senator Sessions’ entire dated list here: at

    buckeyeminuteman in reply to DFrancis. | February 18, 2015 at 3:39 pm

    DFrancis, you should comment on here more often. This is what we’re all thinking, just need someone on the national stage with a loud voice to actually come out and say it.

“We’re not going to disregard this federal court ruling,” Obama said, but he added that administration officials would continue to prepare to roll out the program.

Sounds about like a normal announcement from the current administration. “We’re going to pretend to obey the judge, while we’re just going to keep doing what it is we were doing before.”

President – For it (new voters and cheap labor)
Democrat Party – For it (new voters)
Republican Party – For it (cheap labor)

You tell me what’s going to happen.

“I think the law is on our side and history is on our side,” he said.

What a contemptible liar Obama is. He has publicly admitted, no less than 22 different times, that the president does not have the authority, under either the constitution or federal immigration laws, to unilaterally grant illegal aliens amnesty as he has done (with DACA) and tried to do again, on an even bigger scale with DAPA.

If Obama truly believes that the law is on his side, then why has he said 22 times that it is not?

Hanen yanked the correct straw out of the haystack on this.
On the narrowest and most obscure grounds, he flattened this pile of hay.
Now, of course I would prefer to see something a bit bloodier, but this guy has style.
I wonder if this might be the turning point.
Somewhere we have to lay the ground to undo the Decree’s of His Imperial Idiocy.
Many of Hanen’s proclamations seemingly fit like a glove to the entire Presidency. Not just Immigration.
It would likely have been amusing to see Obama receive the news.
Ah, but I am pleased. A win, is a win. No matter how large or small.
I can scarcely wait to see what comes next.

    Ragspierre in reply to snowshooze. | February 18, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    I agree. It looks like the entire dynamic has been reversed, and now Pres. ScamWOW is compelled to make a case that what he’s done is according to Hoyle.


      Henry Hawkins in reply to Ragspierre. | February 18, 2015 at 3:04 pm

      According to Hoyle??? What the hell kind of law books you Texas boys workin’ by? Sounds like more whiskey and cards than gavels and research.

        Ragspierre in reply to Henry Hawkins. | February 18, 2015 at 4:31 pm

        Caught! Like a fly on paper. Like a rat in a trap. Like a bug in a rug.

        Um…um…haven’t you ever heard of “Hoyle On Torts”….????

“McConnell could have seized on the injunction to push conservatives toward funding the DHS while the court fight plays out.”

Translation: McConnell could have used the injunction as an excuse for preemptive surrender.

What kind of publication is “The Hill”?

What kind of person writes this stuff?