Casey Breznick, Editor in Chief of the conservative Cornell Review and contributor to Legal Insurrection, has been covering the dispute at Cornell University over a mandatory health care fee that is eerily similar to the Obamacare mandate penalty.

Students can purchase the Cornell student health plan, or under new rules they can pay a $350 fee for not purchasing the Cornell plan if they have private insurance. About 70% have private insurance, presumably through their parents, so the $350 penalty applies to most students.

Pay if you purchase it, pay if you don’t. Where have we heard that before?

Casey almost single handedly has taken this issue to national attention through The Cornell Review, garnering coverage at The College Fix, Campus Reform, Red Alert Politics, Fox News online, The Blaze and throughout the Twittersphere, at the #FightTheFee hashtag.

Casey also had a post yesterday here, Socialism 101: Cornell Students Revolt Against Obamacare-like Health Fee, explaining all the background.

This morning Casey was in studio at Fox & Friends for a segment on the dispute. He seems like a natural to me, bringing his fearless style onto a big stage.

Just one thing. I told Casey to make sure he worked in a shout out to Legal Insurrection, but under the bright lights and time pressure of national television he didn’t manage it. Kid’s still got some things to learn.


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