Increased Muslim immigration to Europe has created small areas which are essentially countries within countries which European law enforcement officials have dubbed “No-Go Zones.”

Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times recently described what’s happening in France:

Muslims segregated from French society in growing Islamist mini-states

A backdrop to the massacre in Paris on Wednesday by self-professed al Qaeda terrorists is that city officials have increasingly ceded control of heavily Muslim neighborhoods to Islamists, block by block.

France has Europe’s largest population of Muslims, some of whom talk openly of ruling the country one day and casting aside Western legal systems for harsh, Islam-based Shariah law.

“The situation is out of control, and it is not reversible,” said Soeren Kern, an analyst at the Gatestone Institute and author of annual reports on the “Islamization of France.”

“Islam is a permanent part of France now. It is not going away,” Mr. Kern said. “I think the future looks very bleak. The problem is a lot of these younger-generation Muslims are not integrating into French society. Although they are French citizens, they don’t really have a future in French society. They feel very alienated from France. This is why radical Islam is so attractive because it gives them a sense of meaning in their life.”

This November report from Matt Danielsson of The Daily Caller pointed out a similar problem in Sweden:

Swedish Police Release Extensive Report Detailing Control Of 55 ‘No-Go Zones’ By Muslim Criminal Gangs

Swedish police have ceded control over 55 “no-go zones” to predominately Muslim criminal gangs.

An extensive report mapping out 55 no-go zones was released Oct. 24, showing where law enforcement has all but handed control to criminal gangs.

Officers frequently face outright attacks when trying to enter the areas, which is a step up from the previous problem with attacks on mailmen, fire trucks, ambulances and similar services. Fire trucks and ambulances had to wait for police escort to enter the areas, but now the police themselves need protection.

The no-go areas heavily coincide with the map of the 186 “exclusion areas” aka. crowded, predominantly Muslim immigrant ghettos, where education is low, employment is lower and the only local business thriving is drug dealing.

William Jacobson has been following the situation in Sweden for months and has documented multiple acts of violence and anti-Semitism that are enabled by leftist coordination with Islamists, including virtual No-Go Zones like Malmö .

Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism recently appeared on the Sean Hannity show and said that the cultural shift has been so great that Europe is beyond the tipping point:

Emerson on Fox’s Hannity: “No Go Zones and Sharia Courts…Europe is Finished.”

Steve Emerson: When I was in Brussels a year ago when I asked the police to take me to the Islamic zone or the Islamic community area they refused. They said we don’t go there. This goes on in Belgium, this goes on in Sweden, in the Netherlands, in France, it goes on in Italy. It goes on throughout Europe. So there are no-go zones….

Sean Hannity: Do you think France can get control of their country again and take over these no-go zones, stop sharia courts? I know prayer rugs are in just about every hotel if you go to Paris, according to a friend of mine who travels there quite often. Do they have the ability now to stop this, to say no you either assimilate or you have to go?

Steve Emerson: That’s a great question. I think they’ve reached critical mass, frankly. I’ve said this before, I think Europe is finished.

Watch the entire exchange below:

Update 1-20-2015 by WAJ: A controversy has developed over whether “no-go zones” exist or if that terminology is correct. Steve Emerson in particular has come under criticism. The controversy is examined in European ‘No-Go’ Zones: Fact or Fiction? by the Gatestone Institute. The bottom line, it depends on what you mean by “no-go zone.”

[Featured Image: Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic rioters in Paris, Summer 2014]


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