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Settle for Hillary: Elizabeth Warren not “going” to run for President

Settle for Hillary: Elizabeth Warren not “going” to run for President

Remember when Obama said he wasn’t going to run? Sleep well, Hillary, sleep well.

Until now, it’s been purely present tense.

“I am not running for President.”

The tea leaf readers were undeterred, insisting that Warren had not ruled out running in the future.

BREAKING: A possible twist.

Someone asked Warren if she is “going to run” for President, and she said “No.”

Granted, the words “going to run” did not come from her mouth, but were built into the question, but she did say “No.”

TPM reports:

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gave a new type of answer about possibly running for president: she’s not going to run for president.

Warren, a favorite of the liberal wing of the Democratic party, was asked if she was going to run for president in an interview with Sheila Bair for Fortune magazine.

“So are you going to run for president?” Bair asked.

“No,” Warren responded.

That response is different from one Warren gave in an interview with NPR where she said she’s not running for president but declined to say in the future tense that she wouldn’t run for president. Fans of Warren running for president in 2016 said this showed that she had not completely closed the door to the idea.

How significant is this? She didn’t say it herself.  It could have been Warren didn’t pick up on the nuance between present and future (?) tenses:

Elizabeth Warren Not Going To Run

The Wall Street Journal reports the progressive groups who want Warren to run are undeterred:

Of course, prior disavowal of presidential ambitions didn’t prevent then-Sen. Barack Obama from joining the 2008 campaign he eventually won. Nor has it stopped Mitt Romney from discussing a 2016 run after firmly ruling it out many times since losing the 2012 race….

And her remarks come on the same day that two groups urging Ms. Warren to seek the White House announced the launch of a New Hampshire campaign to support her. MoveOn and Democracy for America on Tuesday said they would begin a Granite State effort to back Ms. Warren on Saturday.

MoveOn and Democracy for America released a joint statement Tuesday saying they are undeterred in their effort to draft Ms. Warren to run for president.

“Sen. Warren has been clear for years that she isn’t planning on running. If she were running, there wouldn’t be a need for a draft effort,” the groups said. “We launched the Run Warren Run campaign to show Senator Elizabeth Warren the tremendous amount of grassroots enthusiasm and momentum that exists for her entering the 2016 presidential race and to encourage her to change her mind.”

I think Warren is playing it cool. There has to be more demand for her to run.

You have to want her to be what you have been waiting for.

I want her to run.

She is what I have been waiting for.


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The nominee won’t be Hillary either. Dems always nominate “someone else.” Almost never (Gore) does it go to the heir apparent.

    Estragon in reply to Same Same. | January 14, 2015 at 1:56 am

    Adlai Stevenson in 1956 was the expected (and repeat) candidate for Democrats, and that was before they had more than a handful of primaries. Most delegates were chosen by state convention or just appointed by state party bosses.

    Besides Gore, only Mondale in ’84 was the preseason favorite two years in advance during the modern era of primaries, and he was seriously challenged by the upstart Hart – who suffered the Kiss of Death by becoming the frontrunner for ’88.

    But Hillary won’t lose because of history or the leftward drift of the Party or because of her age. She will lose because she is a terrible candidate, and her vaunted Clinton Machine is eight more years out of date from blowing it last time – and they fumbled every play then.

    She really doesn’t like people and resents very much being questioned. Watch her in an interview: easy going, even friendly and joking as long as its all softballs, but she tenses up at the first hint of a serious question, immediately treating the question as an attack questioner as her enemy.

    Now imagine her in a townhall forum.

Henry Hawkins | January 13, 2015 at 3:09 pm

I’d call it 50/50 between (1) she got lazy and didn’t answer ‘I am not running for president’ as usual , or (2) she’s just gigging folks for a little PR boost, to make sure she’s being talked about.

I think they are ALL running for president in their minds until the last possible minute, at which time they either run or they decline and begin running for the next election in their minds.

    Estragon in reply to Henry Hawkins. | January 14, 2015 at 1:37 am

    It doesn’t matter a bit. There are plenty of cases in post-WWII US politics where people said they were not running, not going to run, wouldn’t run under any circumstances, but ended up running, and there is not a single shred of evidence that this reversal ever cost them as much as one single vote.

    In fact, it’s almost traditional for candidates to laugh off the suggestion with humble embarrassment – right up until they open their exploratory committee.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 13, 2015 at 3:40 pm

I think she’s gonna run. About 300 or so of Obama’s staff have already pledged its support to her. If she can prove she can raise some dough, I don’t see how she doesn’t run. She’ll have the campaign staff, the money, and an enthusiastic base.

I still think you may be wrong that she can’t win. The electoral college favors whoever the Democrats nominate. Further, if the polls are accurate, Greece is about to elect a far left populist on the 25th. This guy has run on a campaign of promising to default on the public debt, restructure it, and exit the Euro currency. That ought to be chaos.

Goldman Sachs published a report that I read on Friday at Zero Hedge talking about how it’s not just Greece, but politics in all of Europe is changing rapidly. People are fed up with immigration, austerity, and losing national sovereignty to a unified Europe. “Populist” parties on both the left and right have grown in appeal over the traditional mainstream parties that are pushing immigration and unification.

Goldman warned there are 8 elections in Europe this year and if some of those populist parties succeed, the consequences could be “profound” for markets. As indicated, it looks like the election in Greece is the hard left’s to lose.

So if global markets start to unravel again and push us back into another recession, who knows what could happen here.

Maybe we’ll get a Cruz vs. Warren election after all.

There is something so charming and endearing about a shy reluctant power hungry bitch as opposed to an overtly aggressive power hungry bitch.

“Well, I would much rather spend my golden years enjoying my grandchildren and destroying Wall Street bankers, but if my country needs me, I must serve. There is no place for selfishness in my bloodline.”

Of course she’ll run. Her decision will “evolve”. After all, dems never lie.

Warren needs to wait out the impending Hillary flameout. Once it thoroughly gels in the minds of our lesser American brothers and sisters that Hillary just isn’t up for a run at the WH the political capital will flow to Warren on terms more acceptable to Warren. Not much point in putting a target on her forehead before the default.

By 2016, Hillary Clinton will be too addled to know what country to even run for president in.

If not Princess Screws With Bankers, it will be someone else. Maybe someone out of the blue, like JFK in ’60 or Carter in ’76 or Obama himself. But Hillary is too weak a candidate to win if challenged, and that invites challengers.

Prediction: she opts for the $300K + expenses speech once a month and spending time with the granddaughter.

This ought to open up an opportunity for Bernie Sanders to run on an independent ticket.

Way back in the summer of 2013, Rush was telling his audience:

I don’t think it’s gonna be Hillary,” Limbaugh stressed.

“I’ve never thought that, because I’ve always said she’s not this brainiac that her conventional wisdom says. She messed up so much that the Clinton administration gave her. Health care, the bimbo eruptions [during the Monica Lewinsky scandal]. She’s not the smartest woman in the world. I have never drank that Kool-Aid on Hillary. I did not think she was gonna be the nominee in 2008, and I didn’t think she was gonna be elected president and I was a lone wolf saying so. It was I who did Operation Chaos to keep her candidacy alive in 2008.”

So who will be the Democratic candidate, Rush?

“I’m not predicting it officially here, but I will not be surprised, if when 2016 rolls around and Governor Christie is seeking the presidency, I won’t be surprised if he seeks the Democrat Party nomination.”