First, she came prepared with her hometown paper. You know, just in case she got bored:

Then, she got to enjoy the company of her coworkers.

But since this year’s State of the Union address was just like every.other.state.of.the.union.address President Obama has given, Ginsberg decided to take a beat mid-speech. Being a Supreme Court Justice is hard work, you know.

Can you blame her though?

But wait! Vindication from the vicious nap rumors!

Jezebel got to the bottom of Napgate:

The plot thickens…

Per the Washington Post:

This year, Ginsburg, put up a strong fight against the urge to snooze through the SOTU, fiddling with her gloves (yeah, she often wears a black lace pair) and blinking to keep her eyes open. But when that wasn’t enough, it was Kennedy and Breyer to the rescue: Kennedy delivered a sharp elbow at one point to rouse her, and Breyer did the yeoman’s work, subtly nudging her at least eight times (we counted) and frequently flicking his gaze to check on her.

They’re no strangers to such duties: in previous years, they’ve helped prop her up so she didn’t slump over in slumber.

And her propensity for sleeping through speeches apparently has nothing to do with the material, or with the noise level (she wasn’t awoken by some of the most thunderous applause lines of the president’s address). Ginsburg credited her 2013 catnap to a “very good California wine” that Kennedy brought to a pre-SOTU dinner. Wonder if the Justices were pre-gaming again?

Those gloves though…

Crushed it.

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