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“Black Lives Matter” curriculum popping up in classrooms

“Black Lives Matter” curriculum popping up in classrooms

Keep an eye on your child’s schoolwork.

Teachers in the San Francisco United School District are concerned about race.

In an area where schools are almost 90% non-white, you’d expect that an emphasis on cultural diversity would happen by default, and that teachers wouldn’t need the help of an institutionalized curriculum to get the job done. But in the wake of the Ferguson protests and rise of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, five teachers from the San Francisco area have teamed up to provide other educators with a guide to teaching about the Michael Brown shooting, the Ferguson protests, and race-based social justice movements.

From the San Francisco Examiner:

Chalida Anusasananan, a teacher librarian at Everett Middle School who helped launch the resource guide, said both incidents and the subsequent protests have hit home with many public-school students in San Francisco, where nearly 90 percent are nonwhite.

“We wanted to make sure that teachers had a means to teach what students were talking about with their families, or seeing on the news, or feeling every day,” Anusasananan said.

The resources, posted to the SFUSD’s LibGuide page, includes the grand jury documents, poetry, videos and graphics, readings, and lesson plans and activities for elementary, middle and high school students.

“What has to happen first and foremost is to create a safe space in the classroom for young people to talk about these things,” said Karen Zapata, a humanities teacher at June Jordan High School and a co-founder of the grass-roots organization Teachers 4 Social Justice. “What’s happened affects young people on an emotional level.”

I took a look at the online curriculum provided by the five teachers, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect to see. I took some screenshots:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.08.01 PM

Virulent anti-black racism . Extrajudicial killings.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.07.48 PM

Intellectual honesty means assuming racial intolerance, then?


Killer cops. That’s not biased at all!

The reading list purports to include some interesting…perspectives…on race relations in America, but mostly focuses on why skin color makes us different. My personal favorite is #5:

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.28.57 PM

Everything contained in the curriculum is hyperlinked, so you can click and read for yourself.

As a whole, the curriculum as presented on the site is very “us vs. them,” and I suppose that how individual teachers handle the subject determines whether or not it’s portrayed that way in the classroom.

Is it reasonable to have a resource teachers can go to if they have questions about current events? Absolutely. Is this a fair and balanced resource? Absolutely not.

Keep an eye on your child’s schoolwork, people. This isn’t going to stay within the confines of San Francisco classrooms.

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Henry Hawkins | January 5, 2015 at 3:09 pm

I hate white people. Especially the men.

Apparently, not all lives matter. I wonder if their message will reach the people.

    Observer in reply to n.n. | January 5, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    There were only a few blacks killed by white cops last year, while there were over 360 innocent white people murdered by blacks last year (that’s according to a conservative website that made the count based on news stories that reported the races of suspects arrested for murder and their victims in 2014).

    For some reason, the white victims of black violence always get overlooked. Maybe that slogan would be more accurate if it said: #OnlyBlackLivesMatter.

Trayvon was placed on trail for his own murder ?? Couldn’t we have gone with something simpler like Trayvon found guilty of being a punk kid with a drug problem, a family problem, a obeying the law problem ?? Well I guess we could have just called it a “facts and truth” problem ?!?!?

    Early, early on in the Trayvon Martin prosecution, I had a conversation with a Black Minister who runs an after-school education facility as part of the ministry here in El Paso. This particular minister is also the Committee Chair for the Center for Elimination of Regional Disproportionality and Disparities Advisory Committees (a division of Texas Health and Human Services Commission) which advises the Legislature and HHS dept. I am a member of the committee and one of the few non-government employees who is a member, largely explicitly for my ‘non-government,’ private-individual perspective.

    Early on, she said to the committee “we need to be doing something about the Trayvon Martin case, putting out a statement or some sort of community action to get in front of it.

    I told her “Reverend, I’m telling you right now, you do NOT want to touch the Trayvon Martin situation with a 10-foot pole. The media is very, very selectively releasing ‘facts,’ if you can call them that. When ALL the facts come out, those who are screaming ‘Justice for Trayvon’ are going to look like morons attempting to justify bad behavior and railroading someone who may not have done anything wrong.”

    We went on to have a very serious conversation about “thug-life” in the Black Community and the very serious work necessary to keep individuals a.) from getting involved and b.) to prevent the breakdown of the family unit. But, she wisely listened to me and didn’t make any public statements.

    Since then, she has wisely waited for more facts to come out on all of these “social justice” movements, rather than have to retract statements or look like a hypocrite later like many of the other minority clergy in El Paso.

Trayvon Martin was guilty of felony assault… perhaps that had something to do with his death…. and perhaps the fact that he attempted to take the gun that he finally discovered had something to do with the way that he died.

Felony assault is a very serious crime. Here in Australia if you throw a punch to the head like Trayvon Martin did to George Zimmerman you can end up in jail.

    Indeed. Same here in America.

    Of course, here in America it may not come to jail, if poor decision making and target selection results in a loud noise from one’s victim. 🙂

    –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

“What has to happen first and foremost is to create a safe space in the classroom…”

Setting the stage for the inevitable harassment and aggression (macro and micro) charges.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to MTED. | January 5, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    “What has to happen first and foremost is to create a safe space in the classroom for young people to talk about these things,”

    Yea, one also wonder how “safe” that environment would stay for someone who disagree’s with the talking points they are trying to press.

    RKae in reply to MTED. | January 5, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    What has to happen first is that black people need to take off the training wheels that the government bolted onto them a half a century ago.

odd how there was nothing about the thousands killed by other black people.
guess its only considered murder if the right skin colors are involved.
these people disgust me.

Rember Ragspierre’s First and Second Corollaries to Acton’s proposition…

“A sense of victimhood corrupts; an absolute sense of victimhood corrupts absolutely.”

Substitute “entitlement” for “victimhood” for the Second.

Bear in mind that the Collective is aggressively expansionist, and they have no compunction whatsoever about poisoning the minds of others. They, in fact, revel in it.

“posthumously” is not hyphenated. So this was no doubt written by an English “teacher”.

buckeyeminuteman | January 5, 2015 at 4:38 pm


Black lives matter. They should protest in the black gang war zones.

If Black lives matter so much, the Black community needs to do a reality check and evaluate what actions, beliefs and policies are jeopardizing those Black lives. Start with your Hip-Hop culture, thugism, fatherless children, attitude toward education (yes education is necessary in a technological society). They obviously believe whites hate them and will work to harm them so the logical move is to take it upon themselves to correct the things that are detrimental to black lives. Don’t expect whitey to do it for you.

When you understand it is a far better path to success to be able to solve a differential equations than it is to sink a basket at 35 feet, you are starting to get the idea.

My reading skills must need work. I would have sworn the headline said “black lives matter curriculum pooping up in the classroom”. Blasted public school education. . .

More whites have been killed by police than blacks, but the only people on their list as “victims” are black. just shows how racist they are.
“George Zimmerman was acquitted for his crime”
Bad English and biased as heck. This statement makes it look as if GZ was guilty but only let off because of race and not for the fact that the evidence supported GZ.

If they solved the problem of thug culture, then the problem of getting harassed by cops will simply evaporate. The former is the disease; the latter is only a side effect of the medicine.

Henry Hawkins | January 5, 2015 at 11:19 pm

Liberals talk stupid shit out loud and conservatives immediately point out all the illogic and unreason – as if those mattered one iota to the libs.

“What has to happen first and foremost is to create a safe space in the classroom for young people to talk about these things”

Are young people actually interested in talking about these things, or is this projection for their own desire to emit propaganda?

Yeah, the Ferguson grand jury got it all wrong>

To those who claim that they can’t breath, tell them to remove their head from their rear end.