Congress is under another tight funding deadline. Currently, the federal government is only funded until December 11. A spending bill must be passed by Thursday to avoid a government shutdown.

Thursday, John Boehner held a vote that passed legislation rebuking President Obama’s executive overreach on immigration. H.R. 5759 would’ve refused President Obama the authority to intervene in the deportation of illegal immigrants. Harry Reid indicated he will not bring the measure to the Senate floor for a vote in his last remaining days as Majority Leader.

Republicans are in a precarious situation. Obama has said, through his spokesman, that he will not sign any bill that defunds his quasi-amnesty.

But Government shutdowns are ripe with contention and not the way most congressional Republicans want to wrap up 2014, after what happened in October 2013.

Boehner has said he’ll do everything in his power to avoid a shutdown.

Currently, Boenher’s plan (or at least the plan made public) is to pass a bill that would fund the federal government for a year with the exception of one agency: The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees immigration.

DHS would only be funded until March when Republicans have control of the Senate and are able to pass substantive reform.

Bloomberg has the wrap up:

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