The internets have exploded with Elizabeth Warren-mentum.

Elizabeth Warren is playing hard to get when it comes to running for President. She still “is” not running, which literally is true, but never says that under no circumstances will she ever run:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is not running for president, but might she in the future? She wouldn’t say when repeatedly pressed on NPR Monday morning. Instead, she just repeated the same present tense denial she’s uttered dozens of times this year: “I’m not running for president.”

It’s hardly the first time Warren, who became a progressive hero this week during a high-profile Senate showdown over Wall Street regulation, has dodged a question on 2016. Even as she and her staff insist the senator is not interested in running – and she distances herself from an effort to draft her into the race – Warren appears to be intentionally leaving some doubt hanging in the air. She may not want to run, but she would like voters to think there’s a chance.

“She’s never slammed the door shut,” said Ben Wikler of, who is hopeful she will run and recently launched a campaign to draft Warren.

“As senator Warren has said many times, she is not running for president,” Warren spokesperson Lacey Rose told msnbc.

That tease is getting attention.

The standard liberal media outlets are falling all over themselves about how Warren is the fresh, principled face Democrats need while conservative outlets note how Warren is getting the same favorable media treatment Obama received.

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No one saw this coming, except for yours truly. A long, long time ago.

But you have to want her to run more than she wants to run.

You have to beg her to run.  Just like when she wasn’t running for Senate before she ran for Senate.

Should Elizabeth Warren run for President? That is the question (not whether you would vote for her, just should she run).

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