Last week, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show reported a story about a crime in San Bernardino, California which he got completely wrong.

San Bernardino County DA Mike Ramos, who happened to be watching, posted a video on YouTube refuting Stewart’s claim and Stewart promised to apologize for his mistake.

Stewart kept his word and apologized to Ramos on Monday night but just couldn’t resist the opportunity to bash Fox News.

Josh Feldman of Mediaite reported:

Jon Stewart Apologizes to California DA, Tells Fox’s Kilmeade to ‘F*ck Off’

Jon Stewart tonight apologized to a California DA that fact-checked a segment he did on black shooting victims. Stewart felt really bad he made a mistake, because it just undermined the larger point he was making about black victims of excessive force by police officers.

And what drove Stewart the craziest was that his “sloppiness” is being used by Fox News to dismiss the more complex conversation about race and the police.

But, Stewart lamented, in “media counter-errorism,” he has to be right all the time; “Fox only has to be right once.”

Update: video fixed.

Watch below (language warning):

This is probably the best we can expect from Jon Stewart.

He reported a completely false story to his audience but hey… FOX News.

Featured image via YouTube.


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