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Jon Stewart Uses His Own Mistake to Bash Fox News

Jon Stewart Uses His Own Mistake to Bash Fox News

The misreporting epidemic claims another leftist media personality

Last week, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show reported a story about a crime in San Bernardino, California which he got completely wrong.

San Bernardino County DA Mike Ramos, who happened to be watching, posted a video on YouTube refuting Stewart’s claim and Stewart promised to apologize for his mistake.

Stewart kept his word and apologized to Ramos on Monday night but just couldn’t resist the opportunity to bash Fox News.

Josh Feldman of Mediaite reported:

Jon Stewart Apologizes to California DA, Tells Fox’s Kilmeade to ‘F*ck Off’

Jon Stewart tonight apologized to a California DA that fact-checked a segment he did on black shooting victims. Stewart felt really bad he made a mistake, because it just undermined the larger point he was making about black victims of excessive force by police officers.

And what drove Stewart the craziest was that his “sloppiness” is being used by Fox News to dismiss the more complex conversation about race and the police.

But, Stewart lamented, in “media counter-errorism,” he has to be right all the time; “Fox only has to be right once.”

Update: video fixed.

Watch below (language warning):

This is probably the best we can expect from Jon Stewart.

He reported a completely false story to his audience but hey… FOX News.

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Yeah, no. Stewart is an unbleached asphole. His whole “look-a-me being all sensitive by cherry-picking” false narrative is what he should have apologized for, but he just doubled down.

He’s just another Collectivist in the pod.

    guyjones in reply to Ragspierre. | December 10, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    Of course he is just another lemming marching in lockestep to the Leftist drumbeat. I contend that what makes him even more disingenuous and more of a phony poseur than his media peers is that he likes to cultivate the air of objectivity. But, in truth, he only assumes a contra-Establishment posture when the winds of public opinion are squarely behind him. In short, he has no balls, and takes no risks, content as he is to play to his Leftist audience, to play the sycophant admirer to the pols who appear on his show and to generally act as a court jester who adopts the guise of “serious” journalist only when it’s convenient for him to do so.

    I really wish conservatives would simply stop paying attention to him and treat him as the utter inane irrelevance that he is.

Big ships turn slowly. As maddening as it is to watch deceptions like this, it seems to me that lefties are finally admitting some mistakes. In the past, it was denied, brushed over, or ignored. It’s a start.

    They only do this when they start to get bashed in the face with their lies, and they only do it as a way of re-gaining their footing. Once they feel comfortable that they’re getting away with it again, the full-blown onslaught of lies will begin anew.

      Agreed. And with the new media, their lies are more likely to be exposed. The right dominates talk radio; there’s no reason it can’t own the new media like it does the old. Pushing back twice and hard, eh?

I agree with Stewart that caring about one side or the other of this discussion is not mutually exclusive. However why not show the photos of all the police officers killed in the line of duty this year. I’m sure there’s not enough time to do that so narrow it down to just the offices killed by black assailants. Shoot that won’t work either, how about unarmed black assailants.

We are allowing these folks to dig us into a hole that even the police who decide to stay on as officers won’t be able to protect us against. Who in there right mind would become a police officer knowing that they will eventually become a social and media pariah/martyr!

Stewart is a schmuck – and he ought to know what that really means.

Focusing on the racial angle to the exclusion of actual issues is what promotes the racial strife and prejudice.

I would not care about that show at all, except that my kids think it is factual.

The whole point of the routine is its claim the be skewering hypocrites with the truth. That is really what he purports to be doing. So, we have to correct a “comedian” when he lies. It has to be done in this case.

As for the dig at Fox, none of that seems to be working.

Stewart bounces around in a bubble of leftist Hollywood lies. His shtick is more or less to attack the right, the institutions, and then to enjoy his place at the top of our society’s crust. Sound familiar?…like party appartchik…he’s able to throw in a zinger or two for the left, but his job is to rake off millions while enjoying all of America’s benefits.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | December 10, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Yeah, it’s all about “fake but accurate” for these dudes.
I recommend this piece in Ricochet–
As an elderly relative used to say “very thoughty”.

He’s just a comic, ask him. So mistakes are just funny. Or something.

JS is funny as hell when he’s bashing somebody I believe deserves it, not so much when he bashes someone I like. He’s equally funny both ways generally speaking, just to different people. Humor is relative.

I take none of the Daily Show as news and accordingly don’t expect ethical or balanced content. Fer crissakes, the actual media lies through its teeth all day every day – we should expect better from a cable TV comedian who needs to sell ad time?

For conservative humor, we have more than we realize – Jonah Goldberg, Ann Coulter, David Burge, Mark Steyn, Rush, etc., and none of them need to lie about anything. Even Charles Krauthammer has a nice little dry sarcasm thing going.

What a malignant clown – literally.