San Bernardino County district attorney Mike Ramos was recently watching television when he noticed Jon Stewart of the Daily Show reporting incorrect information about an incident in his county.

Ramos took to YouTube and created a video in which he scolds Stewart and offers a powerful defense of law enforcement officers everywhere.

Carman Tse of the LAist reported:

Video: San Bernardino D.A. Calls Out ‘The Daily Show’, Show Apologizes For ‘Sloppy’ Mistake

Comedy Central’s news commentary show The Daily Show tweeted an apology to the San Bernardino district attorney after host Jon Stewart listed a Victorville man, who had previously died in an incident with a sheriff’s deputy, as another victim of police shootings in the United States.

On the Monday, December 1 episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart opened the show with a bit about the nationwide response to the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Stewart ran through a list of black men killed in police shootings across the country, listing Dante Parker, who was killed in a controversial incident with a San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy in Victorville in August. Unlike the other victims Stewart listed, including 12-year old Tamir Brown Rice of Cleveland, Parker was not shot by police but actually died after being Tased.

Watch the video. Ramos singles out the Daily Show but his message applies to the media at large.

For his part, Jon Stewart said in a tweet Friday that he will apologize on Monday.

Featured image via YouTube.


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