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Headline correction: “Ted Cruz makes his mark” (#CRomnibus)

Headline correction: “Ted Cruz makes his mark” (#CRomnibus)

Just Say No to CRomnibus.

The differing treatment of Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren pretty much sums up the state of implicit media bias.

Compare these two headlines from The Hill regarding Warren’s attempt to cajole the House into defeating the CRomnibus, with Ted Cruz’s similar effort in the Senate.

Warren made “her mark” and raised her presidential prospects:

The Hill Elizabeth Warren Makes Her Mark

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s crusade against the $1.1 trillion spending bill backed by the White House firmly establishes the Massachusetts populist as a powerful player in Washington.

The freshman Democrat took on President Obama and her party’s leadership, and appeared to inspire an uprising in the House….

Peter Ubertaccio, a political science professor at Stonehill College in Massachusetts, who follows Warren’s career, said that this week, Warren demonstrated a better feel for the sentiments of her party than her leadership.

“If she’s able to succeed in the Senate at the expense of her own leadership team — the team that she’s on — it will have the practical impact of moving the center of power away from folks like Schumer and toward her,” he said. “That’s pretty significant for a freshman senator that’s been brought into the leadership.

It could also reverberate in the 2016 presidential race, which liberal Democrats are dying for Warren to enter as a rival to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As for Cruz, according to the same author of the Warren post he’s just the same old obstructionist firebrand he’s always been:

The Hill Ted Cruz Center of Senate Meltdown

Sen. Ted Cruz, the firebrand conservative freshman from Texas, has blown up the Senate leadership’s plans to have a peaceful weekend by forcing round-the-clock votes on President Obama’s nominees and the $1.1 trillion omnibus.

Cruz took to the floor late Friday to castigate congressional leaders for trying to pass the 1,600-page spending bill after only a few hours of debate and questioned the resolve of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to fight Obama’s executive order protecting five million illegal immigrants from deportation.

It’s not just The Hill; compare the news coverage of Cruz in 2013 and Warren in 2014:

I’m with Ted.

The CROmnibus is an abomination. Republicans should kick it all off to after the new Congress is seated. Fund the government at existing levels for 60 or 90 days.

Update: God Bless Senator Mike Lee too:


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I’m with Ted.

Me, too.

Having Lieawatha run for President would be a hoot. I don’t expect the dems to nominate her, but I hope they do. Would make for wonderful theater.

I used to live in metro Boston when Lieawatha was running for Senator. [I now live in Free-Market Jesus Paradise].

I recall Lieawatha being interviewed by the local FOX affiliate about the Cherokee matter … the reporter kept on asking for more proof … Lieawatha’s response [on video obviously] was ‘I have family photos, but they are not for you’.

What a wonderful ad that would make.

That Lee speech was cracking good.

“The Speech That Could Make Elizabeth Warren the Next President of the United States”

by Miles Mogulescu, Entertainment attorney, writer, and political activist

“Early Friday evening Sen. Elizabeth Warren took to the Senate floor and gave a plain-spoken, barn-burning speech that could make history and put her into serious contention to be the next President of the United States.

There are only a handful of political speeches that have such historic impact. Barack Obama’s keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention comes readily to mind. It’s what catapulted an obscure Illinois state Senator into the national limelight and put him on the path to becoming President.”

… [and then, with irony unintended it seems]:

“Hillary Clinton represents the old politics of the status quo and accommodation to Wall Street’s power. Her husband’s Treasury Secretary was former Goldman Sachs exec Robert Rubin … His protégé, Timothy Geithner became Barack Obama’s Treasury Secretary where he opposed breaking up the big banks who had cratered the economy.”


I’m sure poor, compassionate Miles Mogulescu is struggling as an entertainment attorney judging by his writing. I mean, he says he’s also a writer, but in this short piece in the Huffington Post, he blindly struggles not to contradict his own tenuous logic.

Speeches … people who make speeches … are the luckiest people in the world.

Hmmm… And some say that The Hill is center right.

As for Cruz and Lee, kick your coworkers in the a$$ some more please. A lot more.

Congress must place this “Administration” on probation, just as we do with common criminals, to rein in its waste, fraud and abuse, and to end its mendacious interference with our Constitutional obligation for congressional oversight.

Step 1 by the House (which initiates all spending bills):
Institute a quarterly Probationary Budgeting bill for each individual department, which will be voted on following hearings that review each department´s compliance with congressional requests for information, elimination of regulatory overreach, and reductions in waste, fraud and abuse.

Step 2 by the House:
Pass immediate Recission Bills to withdraw funding for any departmental unit (and its chain of command) that resists oversight, overreaches regulatory authority, fails to enforce laws (including immigration) or interferes with the constitutional rights of citizens, businesses or states.

Step 3 by the Senate:
Institute quarterly probationary approval of any future Executive branch appointees, with re-approval subject to compliance with congressional oversight, elimination of regulatory overreach, and accelerating progress in eliminating waste, fraud and abuse.

Fauxcahontas Warren is a lunatic and a fraud and will go down in flames.

Hillary Clinton is an lunatic, a fraud and an idiot and will go down in humiliation before she even has a chance to go down in flames.

Tec Cruz is steady as a rock, brilliant and is the only guy ‘working.’ He can win the presidency just as Reagan did in 1980 against Carter (but only after Reagan shed the yoke of his Rove-esque GOP hack advisers, firing them half-way through the election.) Read Craig Shirley’s book, “Rendezvous with Destiny and Reagan’s Revolution:”

And most people, even on our side, don’t know that Ted Cruz is already high on the world stage:

Poll: Ted Cruz 3rd ‘most influential’ world leader, behind pope, Obama

Ted Cruz is our answer.

In addition, we already see what the nation wants, witness the landslide election, dumping demcoRats all over the map. ‘Obama’ and the likes of Warren and the broken-down joke of Hillary Clinton) are out.

Cruz will win in a landslide, if he – and we – can avoid being stabbed in the back by the likes of that Obama-toady scumbag John Boehner. We need a “I can’t breathe” campaign against Boehner now, to put him aside for the 2016 election. If we don’t, there will be a serious third party draining votes from the GOP, or enough conservative voters will stay home in protest, and Fauxchaontas could actually win.

Conservative Beaner | December 13, 2014 at 2:25 pm

What an historic moment when the Progressive Left and the Conservative Right agree on something. For too long Big(name the industry here)have getting what they want instead of middle class Americans.

I wish I had Senator Lee’s optimism. The money will still flow from K street to Congress and the White House trying to buy favors and breaks well into the future.

A short-term CR is only going to result in another CR next year.

Budgets are planned in advance. All the budgeting work in the House and the Senate in 2013 laid the groundwork for the Ryan-Murray Budget Act which, as with the regular order of the last 40 years or so, budgeted the government for two years.

– –

The CRomnibus comes in under the budget cap set last year, actually reduces overall discretionary spending from this year, cuts the IRS & EPA budgets. The reason we have to still use a CR is Reid won’t allow separate votes on appropriations bills, or even for Senate committees to generate them.

So even a 90-day CR would end up just being renewed, because there is no time to work on appropriations when we will already be over three months into the current fiscal year when the new Congress is sworn.

– –

In effect, we are funding through the FY as agreed except for the Homeland Security (which includes the CIS & ICE budgets), so we can use our greater numbers to restrict Obama next year. He can still veto, but at least we can force Democrats on the record supporting his amnesty, which Reid would never allow.

So passing a shorter-term CR for the rest of the government makes no sense. We need to be working on the next budget next year, which will cover the FYs October 2015 – September 2017, followed by the normal nine appropriations bills for FY 2015-16.

– –

Essentially, it is only posturing to do this. Warren and Cruz are both playing to the ignorance of their supporters, and both seem to be on fertile ground.

    Yes and no.

    A 90 Day Continuing Resolution would result in another Continuing Resolution at the end of the first. HOWEVER that NEXT Continuing Resolution which would fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year would have substantially better terms than the current CRomnibus bill, because there would be More Republicans available and Less Democrat members to oppose.

    Think about it: if we keep at same spending level for 90 days (no “base-line budget” increase), when the next CR comes up the Congress can attach the policy riders that it WANTS, rather than what current Majority Leader Reid will “allow.” The cuts that could be implemented then become the numbers to allow for FURTHER cuts in the 2016 budget year.

    At that point, the Congress can force Obama’s hand to sign or veto the bill in its entirety and it becomes Obama’s “shut-down.”

    The half-life of your excuses is approaching zero.

    Now its procedures that hand-cuff the Republicans from being conservative.

    Tomorrow it will be Customs

    The day after it will be Traditions.

    Nevertheless, I will debunk your specious excuses.

    We have just witnessed 6 years of a Senate not obeying the law.
    We have just witnessed Obama flouting the Constitution.
    We have just witnessed the weaponization of the IRS against your opponents–the Teaparty.

    Against this perfidy, your excuse is that “we must play by the rules”.

    You have grown boring and trite, Estragon. Your arguments are worthless.

    Sincerely, Teaparty