The differing treatment of Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren pretty much sums up the state of implicit media bias.

Compare these two headlines from The Hill regarding Warren’s attempt to cajole the House into defeating the CRomnibus, with Ted Cruz’s similar effort in the Senate.

Warren made “her mark” and raised her presidential prospects:

The Hill Elizabeth Warren Makes Her Mark

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s crusade against the $1.1 trillion spending bill backed by the White House firmly establishes the Massachusetts populist as a powerful player in Washington.

The freshman Democrat took on President Obama and her party’s leadership, and appeared to inspire an uprising in the House….

Peter Ubertaccio, a political science professor at Stonehill College in Massachusetts, who follows Warren’s career, said that this week, Warren demonstrated a better feel for the sentiments of her party than her leadership.

“If she’s able to succeed in the Senate at the expense of her own leadership team — the team that she’s on — it will have the practical impact of moving the center of power away from folks like Schumer and toward her,” he said. “That’s pretty significant for a freshman senator that’s been brought into the leadership.

It could also reverberate in the 2016 presidential race, which liberal Democrats are dying for Warren to enter as a rival to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As for Cruz, according to the same author of the Warren post he’s just the same old obstructionist firebrand he’s always been:

The Hill Ted Cruz Center of Senate Meltdown

Sen. Ted Cruz, the firebrand conservative freshman from Texas, has blown up the Senate leadership’s plans to have a peaceful weekend by forcing round-the-clock votes on President Obama’s nominees and the $1.1 trillion omnibus.

Cruz took to the floor late Friday to castigate congressional leaders for trying to pass the 1,600-page spending bill after only a few hours of debate and questioned the resolve of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to fight Obama’s executive order protecting five million illegal immigrants from deportation.

It’s not just The Hill; compare the news coverage of Cruz in 2013 and Warren in 2014:

I’m with Ted.

The CROmnibus is an abomination. Republicans should kick it all off to after the new Congress is seated. Fund the government at existing levels for 60 or 90 days.

Update: God Bless Senator Mike Lee too:


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