Ignore the polls showing Hillary up by 50%+ over potential Democratic rivals.

Elizabeth Warren “is not” running. Everyone knows (or assumes) Hillary is.

The second Warren declares she’s seeking the nomination, if she declares, the polls will narrow.

The second Warren goes after Hillary as the crony-capitalist, contrived-candidate that she is, the polls would narrow.

Defeating the Clinton machine would not be easy or quick, but I stand by my view that if Warren were to run, she would end up crushing Hillary. The massive lead would narrow and then evaporate, just like it did with Obama.

But it would end there.

As part of my effort to spread the word, I have a column today at The Boston Herald, Will Elizabeth Warren sell ‘outside the bubble’?.

Boston Herald Will Elizabeth Warren Sell Outside the Bubble

Here is an excerpt, head over to The Herald for the full story:

“Run Elizabeth Run” is the slogan grabbing the headlines and hearts of liberal Democrats.

Warren’s speech opposing the monstrous “CRomnibus” is portrayed as the speech that could launch her presidential campaign. That Elizabeth Warren has become the progressive hero and alternative to Hillary Clinton is beyond doubt.

Warren says she “is not” running for president, which literally is correct. But Warren always uses the present tense, leaving the future open.

The progressive chorus calling on Warren to run is growing louder by the day. This scenario mimics Warren’s supposedly reluctant entry into the 2012 Massachusetts Senate race.

Assuming Warren runs, will she sell outside the progressive bubble?