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#CRomnibus Passes 56-40

#CRomnibus Passes 56-40

The Senate passed the CRomnibus bill 56-40, and also defeated a Ted Cruz constitutional point of order based on Obama’s amnesty executive action, with significant numbers of Republican Senators sided with Obama.

Here’s how it went down:

Live Video from Senate floor below (autoplay). (feed removed)

Here’s a live Twitter Feed for the #CRomnibus Hashtag


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Very discouraging, but not surprising. The usual suspects that won (barely) their primaries.

Time for these cronies to retire. They’ve all been there too long. That includes Flake and Ayotte – who are beyond help or redemption.

Start searching for primary WINNING candidates now!!!

Subotai Bahadur | December 13, 2014 at 11:24 pm

We don’t have time to deal with primaries. The organic waste will hit the rotating airfoil before 2016. And in any case, inside the Republican party the game is rigged.

DINO is right.
I was pleased when Ayotte was elected, but now she, like the others, sorely disappoints.
Ace has a good plan about knocking off a few Republican members of the house, but that plan probably won’t work in the senate.

We should demand that the Republicans explain why they gave up the power of the purse and funded Tyrant Obama the Liar’s criminal amnesty and ObamaCare for another year. This is going to prevent the new Republican Congress from fighting the Tyrant’s evil until the next budget. The only explanation I can think of is that ObamaCare is so bad that they want the American people to feel it’s full effect so that they will be full of righteous anger towards the progressive fascists and move the conflict so that it will affect the 2015 election.

The Republicans did not ‘give up the power of the purse’, they exercised the power of the purse in pursuit of their goals.

I’ve never thought conservatives voters to be as naïve as liberal voters but the conservative reaction to this massive betrayal is a real eye opener.

Henry Kissinger once remarked that cinema depictions of a true crisis that depict shouting, yelling, chaos and debate are not true. During a true crisis nothing is said.

The Republican party has nothing left to say to the Teaparty . The Teaparty has nothing left to say to the Republicans.

This was the Republican goal. This is who they are. They have changed from mouthing Reaganism to public rejection of Reaganism.

The Teaparty forced their hand on this; that is a good thing.

We start then, to regain our Liberties, Freedoms and American society unconstrained by the sensibilities of our enemy–The Republican Party.

    Yes: the weak Republican legislators who will re-elect McConnell and Boehner are part of our enemy. I don’t know how long we can expect Cruz and Lee to continue their fights from within the Republican party.