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“Any man on campus is at risk”

“Any man on campus is at risk”

My appearance on The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV.

I was in New York City yesterday, and was fortunate to appear on the Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV.

We talked about the Rolling Stone campus rape controversy, as well as the interference of anti-Israel activists in Ferguson.

We also talked about my National Review column, Mothers Must Speak Up for Their Sons on Campus.

How did I do?

(Considering the mood I’m in, we will only be accepting positive comments at this time.)


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I like that your grinding this axe. Keep it up. This is a culture war that needs to be fought.

I’ve commented before that I carried the stop vilifying men torch for a long time. I recognize one of the other commenters here from Wa state who was part of a contingent that got all up in the biz of the men-hating-dv-mafia of the family courts. (you’re a man, therefore you are a wife-beater- so you get no custody of your kids and nailed for 50% of your income in child support / college tuition till they’re 26… with zero parenting authority)

I’ll take this a step further. If my daughter were to base her reality on the movies in the last 3 decades her dad would be one of the following:

1) a complete imbecile
2) a mega-maniacal murderer
3) a wifebeater or thug/loser who abandons his family
4) gay
5) dead and not a relevant contributor to my family.

After watching Malificient last night, I challenged my wife to come up with any movie in the last 10 years where the patriarch isn’t one of the above. I had to go back to “the pursuit of happiness” with Will Smith to name one.

She had to go further… Mrs Doubtfire.

It’s time to start portraying the patriarch as the savior and provider and not the villain.

I mean come on— “man on fire?”?? it’d be the dad that goes old testament on the gangstas… not some burned out drunk stranger. Instead…dad’s the villain. Star Trek- darkness… the list goes on.

I’ve got a critical comment – that was much too short. They did not give you nearly enough time.

Well, Prof…

you didn’t suck.

(I kid…I kid…!!!)

You did good. You need to be on more TV segments. The camera likes you.

“Such a nice boy.”

Bill, totally off subject, where did you get the tie? It’s the bomb!

I switched to a cheap DISH package, but still get FOX News and was surprised they give me Newsmax. Such a deal. They do much better than Beck’s station, in my opinion.

They can spend more time with the up and coming conservative stars and tea party types, than FOX that seems to love having leftist crazies on to “balance” moderate conservatives.

legacyrepublican | December 11, 2014 at 9:14 pm

Excellent job! My only criticism is that it wasn’t a long enough segment. I wanted to hear more.

Fox will be in touch soon.

This was good. A bit of sweet reason.

I wrote my son’s college a few months ago on this topic. What we have here are people trying to take advantage of the natural youth, insecurity, and cruelty of the college population, for venal purposes. Their agenda is to get schools to pay for more lawyers to handle these cases, without the safeguards of actual legal rules of procedure and evidence. And they do not care who they hurt in the process.

It is just a new version of ambulance-chasers, with the same ethical standards.

It’d be interesting to interview a victim of a true rape, side by side with one of these lunatic woman crying ‘virtual’ rape — but not before taking bets on whether the ‘virtual’ rape victim comes away from the interview with her eyes clawed out of her head or not.

Bill, when I come to power, I’m naming you Attorney General.

Satisfied that you’re making inroads into the media but I hope you don’t become a regular guest on Newsmax TV. It’s the kiss of death. Aim higher to more respectable news organizations.

Great job Bill. Keep highlighting these issues.

Nice ‘punim’ Bill, good haircut too. You look like my uncle Herbie, who had an apartment on West End Avenue, before the bottom fell out of the men’s fashion manufacturing business in NYC. After that, his hair fell out too — but if your grandfather had all his hair, you’ll probably luck out on that too.

And of course expect a lot of flack from the feminist meshugas, like Aaron Sorkin got after the last episode of The Newsroom on HBO, with a subplot about a campus rape controversy like the Rolling Stone story, prescient in that the script was written weeks before Rolling Stone’s poor reporting about that rape accusation hit the headlines. Though Sorkin fairly presented both sides of the issue, of alleged victim and accused, the feminists immediately castigated him with the same rationalizations shown on the monitor prior to your interview — that it would discourage woman from reporting rapes if doubt was cast on any accusation of it by women.

Up to a Point: They Made Me Write About Lena Dunham
P.J. O’Rourke

Best article I have read about the Lena Dunham debacle.

And here’s an article by a liberal mom with sons:
Is date-rape crusade hurting innocent young men?

It contains this following gem:

“And I’ve bitten my tongue so hard I’ve practically bled. That’s because even my meekest attempts to question if this anti-date-rape crusade might be spinning into a full-blown hysteria have been gunned down. It’s been made clear that coming out “on the side” of an accused rapist is tone-deaf, misogynistic, and anti-feminist.”

and this one:

“I recently shared my concerns with a friend, who is the mother of three teen sons. She responded that women have silently endured the tragic toll of date rape for so long that the pendulum may have to swing in the other direction and hurt some innocent males before we find a balance.”

So, otherwise-presumably-rational people are willing to sacrifice somebody else’s son for the sake of a “larger issue” — yet again.

This is injustice. I am a lawyer, and the slogan on my law school ring says “Justice and Truth Prevailing.” Corny as it sounds, I believe in that slogan and I continue to wear that ring in part because of that slogan. I suspect I am not the only one, because that ring was allegedly designed by the ladies of the class of 1923, and people liked it so much, they kept it.

Some of us believe you cannot have Justice without Truth.

I would like to understand why the media didn’t jump all over the “Palestinian” support for the agitation effort in Ferguson. Seems like a golden opportunity for them to promote their darlings in the middle east.