The Rolling Stone story about a supposed fraternity gang rape has generated a lot of controversy after the veracity of the reporting and underlying complaint was cast in doubt.

As part of my continuing effort to reach new audiences, I have a post at National Review, Mothers Must Speak Up for Their Sons on Campus. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Natoinal Review Mothers Must Speak Up for Their Sons On Campus

Radical feminists on campus, driven by theories about “patriarchy” and “rape culture,” are the new hunter-gatherers, seeking out accusations to prove a theory, not evidence to fairly adjudicate guilt. Hence, any accusation, no matter how improbable, must be treated as presumptively true, thereby ensnaring college men in a net from which it is difficult to escape….

Mothers, how much longer will you allow your sons to live as hunted people on campus? Must their lives be ruined so that feminist “rape culture” and other theories can be validated in a real-world testing laboratory? …

Mothers, it’s up to you. Will you continue to be silent as your innocent sons are used as cannon fodder for the radical feminist agenda? If you care about your sons and your daughters, speak up.

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