2014 has been a great year for Republicans: we maintained the House, took back the Senate, made inroads with new voters and solidified the voting base, and sent the mainstream media spiraling.

Good for us. Now it’s time to get back to work.

If this were a sane world, we’d be justified in resting on our laurels for the next few months; but this is politics, there are no laurels, and we’re all still so hopped up on caffeine and victory that we might as well ride the lightning while its flashing.

Especially since Democrats are.

Groups like Battleground Texas may have suffered crushing defeat in the midterms, but they’re not going to let the loss of fluff candidates like Wendy Davis derail their mission. Organizing for Action has a new video out, aimed at reaching the very demographics they lost ground with in 2014:

OFA is a movement of millions fighting for real, lasting change. This isn’t for everyone — we’re community organizers, and we’re proud of it. If you’re someone who’d rather get involved than sit back, if you refuse to be cynical about what we can get done together, then you should be part of this.

Let’s go.

Women. Minorities. Young people. All eligible voters, and all apparent victims of the big money interests of Beltway insiders (just the Republican ones, though.) Progressives lost the trust and votes of millions of Americans this cycle, and their first mission is to convince a small fraction of those people that they were wrong, that they are victims, and that they need progressive politicians to protect them from Washington.

The road to the presidential elections looks a lot shorter from this side of the midterms, and Democrats are set to give it everything they’ve got. For Republicans, now is the time to either maintain the momentum voters have decided to give us, or risk losing the country entirely in 2016.

h/t to Hot Air