Did you watch MSNBC on election night last week? Probably not. Like most of America, you were probably watching FOX News.

Not to worry. The Washington Free Beacon watched MSNBC so we wouldn’t have to.

I told you I was looking forward to more of this. So here’s more:

MSNBC has a serious ratings problem.

Ace notes the sagging numbers:

MSNBC’s Ratings, Like Obama’s, Are Sad

This story has been noted for some time, though it’s getting a fresh look today from some media analysts.

Bill Carter wrote a big piece on MSNBC’s declining ratings in mid-October.

Though it has mostly happened quietly, which may be a comment on the cable network’s larger status in the media landscape, MSNBC has seen its ratings hit one of the deepest skids in its history, with the recently completed third quarter of 2014 generating some record lows.

During the third quarter, Ms. Maddow reached an average of 183,000 viewers in the audience component that most matters to MSNBC’s advertisers, viewers between the ages of 25 and 54, her lowest total since she started her show in 2008.

More worrying is the slide for “Morning Joe,” which has, for much of its time on the air, enjoyed status as one of the most talked-about shows in media industry circles. Now the heat around the show seems to have dissipated. For four straight months, and six of the last eight, “Morning Joe” has trailed CNN’s new morning entry, “New Day.”

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