I don’t know about you, but I look forward to many more moments like this in the coming weeks.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest was grilled by the White House press pool to admit that the midterms were bad for Democrats and a good laugh was had by all.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

White House Spin on Midterms Leaves Reporters in Disbelief

The White House is still reeling from Tuesday’s elections, and has continued to deflect any questions on the subject.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest did his best to keep the mood light and respond to the press Thursday, however, his audience was not impressed.

“Would you say that Tuesday night was a big loss for Democrats?” a reporter asked.

To the dismay of his audience, Earnest declined to answer directly since it would not be appropriate for him to offer any sort of “punditry.”

“There are lots of people who get paid a lot more money than I do, who are responsible for offering up analysis and spinning the elections,” Earnest said. “I’m not going to do that.”

Watch and enjoy:

As I said, I look forward to more of this.

Jon Gabriel of Ricochet knows what I’m talking about:

Savor This

Of course 2012 was miserable, giving an undeserved second term to Obama and several black eyes to the Republican brand. But since then Obama has been snakebitten, offering nothing but scandal, petulance and oversized tin ears. While he golfed and vacationed, shaky septuagenarians Reid and Pelosi became the Botoxed face of the party, hollering about arcane conspiracies while the public wanted solutions to their vanishing jobs and empty wallets.

Then came 2014. Competent, accomplished, articulate Republicans flummoxed inch-deep Democrats. Panicked liberals alienated voters while smiling conservatives built bridges. Even in-the-tank reporters laughed at the Democrat comedy of errors while their base lost faith. Early into election night, a wave was apparent. Republicans added seats in the House. They took back the Senate. They won a historic number of governors’ mansions and statehouses. Finally.

So when the left lectures us on compromise, laugh. When reporters insist this is no mandate, change the channel. And when nice Republicans say it’s impolite to gloat, ignore them.

Read it all.


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