Just after the Keystone vote failed in the senate yesterday, Elizabeth Warren was loudly interrupted by a Native American chant from the gallery.

You might think this was done by a snarky activist but according to Andrew Kirell of Mediaite, the chant was done by a genuine Native American:

Native American Chant Interrupts Senate as Keystone Vote Fails

Seconds after Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced that the “aye” votes approving Keystone XL project fell just short of the 60 vote threshold, a Native American chant broke out in the gallery, celebrating the Senate’s rejection of the controversial crude oil pipeline.

The man who began the chant reportedly came from the Lakota tribe:

Watch the video:

This incident points to a problem Elizabeth Warren is going to have if she ever runs for president.

It may have been a real Native American who interrupted her with a chant this time, but I wouldn’t put it past her critics to do the same thing in the future.

Her claims of Native American heritage are laughable.

They may have passed muster at Harvard and with liberal voters in Massachusetts, but they won’t pass the smell test on a national level.

If she runs, she will be mocked.

Featured image via Mediaite video.


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