Can Elizabeth Warren save the Democratic Party’s voice in the U.S. Senate? Harry Reid seems to think so. After the historic losses suffered by Democrats last week, Reid wants to give Mrs. Warren a promotion.

Manu Raju and John Bresnahan of Politico reported:

Harry Reid wants Warren in Senate leadership

Senate Democrats want to enlist a progressive firebrand as a member of their leadership: Elizabeth Warren.

The incoming Senate minority leader, Harry Reid, is engaged in private talks with the Massachusetts freshman to create a special leadership post for the former Harvard professor, according to several people familiar with the matter. It’s unclear exactly what the new job would entail — but luring the populist liberal into leadership could inject fresh blood into a team reeling from significant midterm election losses.

Adding Warren, Democrats say, would bring in a nationally known name who could help sharpen the Democratic message as it goes toe-to-toe with the new Senate Republican majority. The move would likely be viewed favorably by an increasingly liberal caucus.

The Democratic Party’s hard-left progressivism was soundly rejected by the American people last week. Their solution to the problem? Even harder-left progressivism!

That being said, maybe Elizabeth Warren will finally get big money out of American politics…

Then again, maybe she won’t.

Matea Gold of the Washington Post reported yesterday:

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren set to address gathering of wealthy liberal donors

Vice President Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are set to address a group of wealthy liberal donors gathering in Washington this week for a private meeting to determine the direction of their political investments in the coming years.

The four-day conference of Democracy Alliance is expected to include dissections of what went wrong for Democrats in last week’s midterm elections, as well as a wide-ranging discussion about adopting a new, long-term strategy to reverse GOP gains in the states.

Biden is set to be the keynote speaker at the alliance’s closing event Friday night at the Newseum, according to people familiar with the schedule.

Despite the dismal showing for Democrats in this year’s races, president Gara LaMarche said that he does not believe the results demoralized the party’s financial backers.

Isn’t it funny how Democrats only hate money in politics when it’s used against them?