This thing speaks for itself.

Remember when Battleground Texas supporters of Wendy Davis laughed at Greg Abbott being in wheelchair?

The line of attack by the Battleground Texas people was exactly the line of attack in Davis’ current video — that Abbott is in a wheelchair but has not sympathy for others, as if being a Judge means cases should be decided on sympathy:

Wendy Davis Battleground Texas Abbott Wheelchair 1

Wendy Davis Battleground Texas Abbott Wheelchair 2

Back then Wendy said it was abhorrent:

Wendy Davis re Abbott Battleground Texas comments

Now it’s her campaign strategy.

Patrick Caldwell Twitter Wendy Davis Wheelchair Ad

Update 10-11-2014 — Criticism against Wendy Davis is coming fast and furious from just about everyone except the truest of believers.

Remember when Wendy enjoyed the most positive headlines? Those were the days, my friend, Wendy thought they’d never end:

Wendy Davis positive headlines


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