I’ve seen people writing and tweeting about #GamerGate.

I have no idea what that is, still.

Looks like it has something to do with Gamers and Liberal Feminists (image below of Christina Hoff Sommers, who has confronted liberal feminists herself):

I received the email below, which intrigued me.

I’m too caught up in #Ebola to research #GamerGate, so I’m issuing a cry for help — What is #GamerGate?

This might look like another inconsequential Twitter war, but it intersects with issues you find relevant and is gaining traction.

Gamergate is a growing movement by (don’t laugh) video game enthusiasts who are fed up with:

1) favoritism within the $90 billion gaming industry, namely game journalists who have essentially become king-makers and who use their influence to benefit friends and patrons to the detriment of objectivity in reporting, the financial prospects of respected upstarts, and most of all community trust.

2) a sect of radical feminists who, through cherry-picked evidence and impossibly contrived in-game scenarios, have woven a narrative that casts games and gamers as sexist and misogynistic.

3) game media outlets that are openly hostile to their readers, using the research conducted by the above radical feminists as justification to stereotype and to demean.

Like all grassroots movements, #gamergate has no locked doors — all are welcome to join and to use the hashtag in the online debate taking place largely on Twitter. The unfortunate consequence is that, much like what befell Occupy Wall Street, opportunists, shills, trolls, and other maliciously inclined individuals have been able to align themselves for their own agenda and amusement.

This is when the main stream media picked up the story.

Unlike their treatment of Occupy, however, the left-leaning media has joined in the effort to shut down this movement, abusing the fallacy of association to stereotype and pigeonhole. It remains to be seen whether this is out of ignorance, malice, self-preservation in light of the push for journalistic ethics, or fear of reprisal from radical ideologues.

My personal belief is simply that “feminist”, much like “patriot”, has insidiously made itself unassailable. In the hard-Left mind, no one can criticize the opinions or deeds of a “feminist” without springing the misogyny trap, much in the same way it has been in the hard-Right mind where no one could criticize the opinions and deeds of a “patriot” without springing the anti-American trap. In this, the media-left has revealed a gaping blindness and a deep hypocrisy.

A community curated history and FAQ for further information on Gamergate: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/wiki/index

I promise you, with a little digging you will find a compelling story.

[Featured Image Source: GamerGate Patriotic Meme]