Harry Reid’s attacks on the Koch Brothers have been plentiful and well documented. While his obsession and poor taste have been noted on many conservative blogs, there hasn’t been much push back from the media.

That’s what makes this segment from MSNBC’s Morning Joe so special. Not only does host Joe Scarborough call Reid’s attacks pathetic, he points out the large amount of money the Senate Majority PAC has spent on political ads this year.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

MSNBC Blasts Sen. Reid As Hypocritical: ‘Sad And Pathetic’ To Call Koch Bros Un-American

Even MSNBC is turning against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.).

Reid has repeatedly criticized the Koch brothers and other big-money Republicans on the Senate floor. In March, Reid called the Koch brothers un-American, immoral, and dishonest for their hefty donations, even though Reid’s Senate Majority PAC has been the biggest spender of the midterm elections.

It is “sad and pathetic when somebody calls a person un-American, especially when they are bigger offenders of the action he defines as ‘un-American,’” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said on Friday.

Scarborough said Reid’s PAC topped the charts with over $32 million given to Democratic races this year.

“We can show you a lot of ads that [Senate Majority PAC has] been running, but a lot of negative ads all over the country,” Scarborough said.

Here’s the video segment:

As Jason L. Riley of the Wall Street Journal recently noted, many Democrats are now distancing themselves from Reid:

Democrats vs. Harry Reid

For months, red state Democrats in tight Senate races have been treating President Obama like he has Ebola. Now even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is getting the cold shoulder from candidates desperately trying to highlight their independence.

“A $1,000-per-plate fundraiser with Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.) turned into an anti-Harry Reid gripe fest last month, after one donor blamed the majority leader for the Senate’s poor public approval ratings and said the idea of him leading the institution was laughable,” reports the Washington Free Beacon, which obtained an audio recording of the event. “Let me just interrupt,” says Mr. Pryor on the recording. “I think possibly the best thing that could happen . . . to this institution, this election cycle would be if [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell gets beat and Harry Reid gets replaced.”

Let’s help the Democrats replace Harry Reid this November.


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