The spectacle continues.

Harry Reid again today used the power of his position to single out two private citizens who have committed no crime, broken no law, and whose political speech is within the First Amendment protections as determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. Those two people are the Koch Brothers.

In supporting a Constitutional Amendment to the First Amendment — in itself a sign of a dangerous proclivity for tyranny — Reid again took to the floor of the Senate to attack not only the Koch Brothers, but their father, as live tweeted by Byron York:

Twitter - @ByronYork - Harry Reid Attacking Koch father

At some point, any point, do Democrats have the guts to acknowledge the danger Reid’s anti-Koch Brothers paranoia poses to the nation? The Senate actually will vote to change the First Amendment because of Harry Reid’s obsession? Thankfully, the Senate cannot do that alone, and it likely never will happen. But if Harry Reid had his way, it would.

Scott Johnson at Power Line, commenting on a BuzzFeed interview of Reid observes:

[Reid’s interview statement: “Things had changed for the good, he said, by 2004. “I felt so clean and pure with McCain-Feingold, which had come into being, it was wonderful. We were back where we should have been,” he said.]

Once upon a time, Harry Reid felt clean and pure. Now he feels dirty, as though he has jumped into a sewer. Why might that be?

Those of us observing from the outside have found Reid to be a one-man sewer. Reid attributes his feelings of dirtiness to the the Supreme Court and the “Koch Brothers.” He wants to feel clean and pure again. I believe we have here is a nasty case of what the psychiatrists refer to as projection, but I freely confess that I am over my head.

“You can keep your First Amendment if you like it,” or something like that.


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