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AACONS Interviews Alan Dershowitz and Glo Smith

AACONS Interviews Alan Dershowitz and Glo Smith

Alan Dershowitz offers commentary on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Glo Smith talks about the race for Florida’s 5th District.

[WAJ NOTE: I have been interviewed on African American Conservatives Blog Talk Radio multiple times. AACONS has a weekly podcast with some very interesting guests. AACONS now is posting its weekly podcasts at Legal Insurrection.]

Alan Dershowitz is a renowned criminal and civil liberties lawyer, and a Professor Emeritus of Law at Harvard University, where he taught such notables as Elena Kagan, Samantha Power, and even a Conservative, Ted Cruz. He is a popular political and legal commentator, and he is also the best-selling author of many books, including his latest, Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel’s Just War Against Hamas.

Glo Smith is the Republican candidate for the US House of Representatives for the 5th Congressional District of Florida. She holds an MBA with a 30 year career in public service and entrepreneurship.

(Note that there is a one minute audio gap at the start so scroll forward on the podcast if you don’t want to wait)

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