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Yes, we will take away your dream

Yes, we will take away your dream

of removing Scott Walker from office.

From Anne, spotted in Wisconsin, the same vehicle featured yesterday.

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Bumper Sticker - Wisconsin - Scott Free in 2014 all


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Maybe Wish-consin will be nominally “Scott free” when he moves to DC to serve after the 2016 elections.


Forgot to show the ‘Kick Me I’m Stupid’ sticker.

Leftists Dred Scott.

??? I heard that the Scotts voted to NOT be free of the U.K.

[Yes, it’s a joke. :-)]

It’s tough, living w/in 20 mile of Madison. The hate for any Republican is palpable. More so after the recall. I’ve commented on other sites about how the police/fire unions are so vitriolic, that I still don’t trust them to help me if they see I’m a Walker supporter. I remember they weren’t going to protect my wife and I during the Capitol takeover rallies. Communist Unionistas shouting in our face, blocking our egress and shoving cameras in our face…not a bit of protection from the City of Madison cops, and a total back off of the Dane County Sheriffs (we’re not the “palace guard”). It was total hell people…and it’s coming back for this election. Surprise!