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Cheap knockoff

Cheap knockoff

Don’t tread on our liberty just to get your Obamacare

From Anne, spotted in Wisconsin.

Part of this series:

Bumper Sticker - Wisconsin - Scott Free in 2014 all

Update: H/t to commenter Aucturian for this more accurate depiction:


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“Don’t tread on my Obamacare”…???

‘K. But I won’t comply with it, either. I WILL seek to crush it, which is past “treading on”, with the biggest, heaviest object I can find. Often and repeatedly until it is dust.

I won’t tread on it because I don’t like that crap on my footwear.

Don’t tread on my Obamacare

Don’t tread on my money !!!!!

Pay for your own damn insurance !!!

So the British wanted Americans to pay off their debt.

Why shouldn’t the Americans — “children planted by our care, nourished by our indulgence,” as Charles Townshend of the House of Commons put it — pay off England’s debt?

Colonel Isaac Barre, who had fought in the French and Indian War, responded that the colonies hadn’t been planted by the care of the British government, they’d been established by people fleeing it. And the British government hadn’t nourished the colonies, they’d flourished despite what the British government did and didn’t do.

Today we are again fighting the Lords in DC. We refuse to fund their war on liberty, or their armies of entitlement seeking Democrat Loyalists. They have not nourished our healthcare, they have damaged it.

The Pelosi flag should read “Quit squirming out from under our ‘dragonian’ foot”*. It is the reverse of treading on someone when you refuse to subsidize them. It is letting them stand on their own, instead of on you. (as summarized nicely with “don’t tread on my liberty)

*my link shows the colonial snake fighting the British dragon in a 1774 Paul revere masthead

I’d put up a bumper sticker saying “Don’t tread on the decent insurance I bought and paid for” — but it’s too late. The Democrats already stole it.

Put another sticker over it: I @#$% on your ‘Obamacare.’