We’ve all heard stories about ridiculous government regulations passed in the name of “environmentalism,” but in some states, “regulatory action” has passed out of the reasonable and into the ridiculous.

In his latest episode of “Firewall,” commentator Bill Whittle lays out the case against restrictive (and possibly unconstitutional) environmental regulations that are currently plaguing residents of Washington State:

After fifty years of trying to eradicate the incredibly destructive pocket gopher, a small but exploding population of these pests lives and breeds in the innumerable shell holes and ground fractures caused by the Ft. Lewis artillery range. A subset of these gophers — of which we have no shortage – have been given endangered species protection by the US Fish and Wildlife Agency. Why give endangered status to a species that is in fact so out of control that it can only be called a pest? Well, because the males in this small sub-population apparently have larger-than-average reproductive organs. That’s not proven, by the way – merely asserted – but it was enough for the anti-growth, anti-human eco-weenie zealots in Thurston County to put draconian restrictions on what people can do own their own property in the name of protecting these fragile, delicate, large-membered gophers that were bred on an active artillery range. Since these are obviously conservative gophers the irony becomes almost unbearable.

Washington State now employs high-tech drones to photograph everyone’s private property several times a year, and high-tech software allows our aristocracy to determine if a peasant has had brush cleared, or a tree removed, deep in what used to be called that person’s “private property.” If any of these things have been done without a permit, large fines will be levied. You might think that this is simply because they want the permit money – well, they do, but that’s not the real reason.

The real reason is because you will take a knee to your insect overlords and you will be in compliance with their lunatic regulations. It’s not about the environment. It’s about money and mostly it’s about power. And while it may still sound funny, or trivial, or both – it’s neither. Glenn calls the phenomenon Gang Green and the Government Staff Infection. It’s the bludgeon of control and extortion under the fig leaf of ecology, and it is – as Glen so cleverly puts it – an infection. It’s a disease.

It’s a Tie-Dyed Tyranny, and it’s not just coming – it’s here.

You can read the entire transcript here, via Truth Revolt.