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Silencing conservative speech

Silencing conservative speech

My Column at The Washington Times

As part of my continuing effort to reach new audiences, I have a column at The Washington Times, A campaign to silence conservative speech:

For years, there has been a multipronged attempt to drive conservative speech from the public square.

These prongs include misuse of government powers to target conservatives, attempts to keep conservative voices from being heard on mass-media outlets, and redefinition of language in order to taint conservative speech as unacceptable.

That first prong, though, the misuse of government power, has become more prevalent during the Obama era with the targeting of conservatives and particularly Tea Party groups by the Internal Revenue Service serving as the most prominent example.

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All of this is cut from from the same bolt of cloth. We want freedom from government; the government wants to strip it all from us.

An inquisitor during the infamous Spanish Inquisition would start his examination of his capture with this statement, “I know you’ve sinned.” Then he would wait and wait until his capture (who were often as not females accused as witches) began “confessing” his sins or heresies voluntarily or after torture. And who among us is without sin, but who gave these guys the right to demand accountability to their so-called standards.

Left unchecked the State will consider you guilty from the outset. “Now try and persuade me that you’re innocent, and I promise I’m not going to be easily persuaded.”

Judge Roy Bean (Texas, late 19th century) said the same, with the same deadly consequences, “First we have the fair trial, then we hang him.”

Stalin’s Beria said similarly, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

Good luck with your forthcoming income tax audit, Professor!