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Perfect immigration amnesty political metaphor?

Perfect immigration amnesty political metaphor?

Isn’t the country our house?

From Richard Grenell on Twitter.

Too cute?

Or not cute enough?


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Hell, the guy that lives there now with his family shouldn’t be allowed to stay. Actually the fence jumper might be able to do a better job. At least he is not just sitting on the fence, he made a decision.

One of the best tweets I have ever seen!

So, how does that guy make it over the fence and survive, but the cops can shoot the unarmed Miriam Carey?

The fella and his family and posse that’s bedded up there now is also undocumented. Actually, false papers.

Next, I expect them to make noises about putting a tall fence around the White House, but instead they will build a “virtual fence” that will prove useless the next time somebody decides they want into the White House.

(… and God help them if a mob ever jumps the fence)

To answer your question: Perfect.

That is simply nothing short of brilliant.

From a friend: give the “intruder” a map to Camp David, bus fare, and a bag lunch.

And birthday parties. He needs birthday parties given by the security staff instead of being mean and aggressive and stuff and “securing” the building and grounds. This guy is our future and the best of who we are as a nation.

I expect Obama will hold a press conference today to announce that he has drawn a red line around the White House.

Great tweet, too wordy.

Gee, it’s almost like large numbers of Secret Service agents have abandoned the White House for the golf course.

Well, it’s not like the guy was a “domestic terrorist” like a Tea Partier or something. So Zero should have no objections to sharing his humble abode with this hardworking pre-citizen. He might even be able to do all the jobs Zero is unwilling to do, like support and defend the Constitution ~