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Netanyahu addresses UN General Assembly (VIDEO)

Netanyahu addresses UN General Assembly (VIDEO)

Rebuttal to Mahmoud Abbas’ libelous and threatening speech which all but buried the peace process.

The speech takes place against the backdrop of a libelous speech by Mahmoud Abbas that even a left-leaning Haaretz columnist noted “more or less buried the peace process.”

Here are highlights — full video is embedded at bottom of post:

On Hamas war crimes and rocket launchers

On Iran and Sanctions

Benjamin Netanyahu UN General Assembly 9-29-2014

Benjamin Netanyahu UN General Assembly 9-29-2014 at podium

Benjamin Netanyahu UN General Assembly 9-29-2014 w poster


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I love this guy! Would that we could have one like him to serve as president.

Humphrey's Executor | September 29, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Netanyahu is one of the few statesmen of our time. I certainly can’t think of another current leader of a nation that hold’s a candle to him. But I’ll keep an eye on India’s new PM.

I just wish Netanyahu wouldn’t sound like the problem with militants is that they believe too strongly in the supremacy of their religion, not that they think and act like savages. Non-savage Muslims probably think Islam is the best religion around, too; they inherently believe in religious supremacy. That’s no way to divide and conquer.

But it’s not like they were going to give him a fair shake to begin with, so optics aside I don’t think it means that much.

George W Bush was right to refuse to join the UNHRC. We need to get out of it now, and we need to give the UN an ultimatum – abolish the UNWRA (the organization dedicated to making sure “Palestinians” remain refugees forever) or we cut off all funding and remove diplomatic recognition.

So are Pamela, Debbie, et. al. going to scream at him for not directly attacking the religion of a significant portion of his citizens?