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Join Monday’s Thunderclap to send get well wishes to Mandy Nagy

Join Monday’s Thunderclap to send get well wishes to Mandy Nagy

We’ll tell Mandy about the results on Tuesday, and hopefully it will cheer her up.

UPDATE: The final count is in, at the bottom of the post.

If you’ve been following, Mandy Nagy, our beloved editor was recently hospitalized following a stroke. Mandy is invaluable not only to Legal Insurrection, but to the movement.

Our good friends at FTR Radio have organized a Thunderclap set to go off at 3:00 PM EST tomorrow. You must sign up at the link before that time to participate:

This is a pretty spiffy social media campaign.

By joining the Thunderclap page for Mandy, you are essentially prescheduling a Facebook or Twitter post to be sent at 3:00 EST tomorrow along with everyone else participating. Hence, the “thunderclap” is when all these messages go off at once.

It’s very easy and takes about 90 seconds. Currently, the “Get Well Mandy” campaign is trending in the top 5 Thunderclap campaigns. The more, the merrier!

Professor Jacobson will be visiting Mandy Tuesday, and will tell her about the Thunderclap.

If you’d like to send a personal message to Mandy, click this —> link <—, and leave a comment at the bottom of that post.

Mandy Thunderclap final count


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I joined the thunder clap and continue to pray for you Mandy.

Mandy, you have savior faire, savvy knowledge and a superlative technical insight that all of us have enjoyed reading about everyday.

Get some rest Mandy. Soon you will be up and around doing what you do to help others become more aware of life in America.

OK I’ll bite. What’s a “thunderclap”?

A “Thunderclap” is a mass posting, all at the same time, about a particular subject. It’s organized by a company called, er, “Thunderclap”… and the idea is that instead of having messages dribbled onto facebook or whatever one by one, HUNDREDS of posts get logged onto individual Facebook pages all at the same time.

As a result, Mandy will get a message from Facebook that says she has hundreds of posts that mention her by name. The idea is that the crowd ‘noise’ of our well wishes all land at one time, making a larger impact… a ‘Thunderclap’ of well wishes sounding off at the same time.

It’s a nice gesture… a sweet way to let her know that we’ve noticed her situation, and wish her well…

Based on the response, at this point, I think Mandy will have thousands of messages. I am so proud to be part of the Legal Insurrection family. Mandy is deserving, and I am sure Andrew is smiling.

“the movement” ?? why does that send a chill up my spine ?

meanwhile…get well, mandy. a lot of people are pulling for you.

I don’t have Facebook or Twitter, so I hope you will consider this my joining in “in spirit”.