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Rocket fire from Gaza, ceasefire talks over? (Live Updates and Video)(Update: Fighting Resumes)

Rocket fire from Gaza, ceasefire talks over? (Live Updates and Video)(Update: Fighting Resumes)

Hamas breaks truce again, instigates large scale rocket barrages and Israeli retaliation.

Update: Looks like the fighting is on again after Hamas and/or other Gaza groups started firing rockets into Israel even before the prior truce was over. The question is, how much will it escalate? More updates and coverage in live video and Twitter feeds at bottom of post:

Initial Post:

Well, they did it again.

Just hours before the lapse of the current truce, rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel.

There are conflicting reports as to the extent of Israeli retaliation, and whether Israel has withdrawn from ceasefire talks. Follow the udpates and live feed below and at the bottom of the post.


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I wonder why any father in the Gaza Strip would put up with Ham-ass. I would be hunting them.

It’s quite something that Hamas’ story is that it didn’t fire, Israel lied and is unilaterally pounding the Strip and murdering children under false pretenses. Uh really. What an odd stance to take.

Hamas thinks that they control the narrative. The BBC is reporting that Israel is doing the attack per the headline that I saw, but CNN is reporting that Hamas fired the rockets and Israel responded. It is that kind of reporting that will eventually get through to some people that HAMAS is to blame.

In response, we tried again to kill the Hamas military mastermind; unknown if we succeeded.

At least those horrific talks are stopped – the demands were dangerous to our security. Remember, the Hamas charter says no peace is possible. (It also says the Rotary club is a part of a Jewish part to control the world. Really.)

Daniel Ross admits he has blood on his hands – he and his boss Hillary and her boss Barack. Perhaps not in so many words, but he said he was wrong to push Israel to allow building materials into Gaza, eventually used to build the terror tunnels. I think he is a decent guy; can’t say the same for the other two.