Democrats are still smiling over the recent felony indictment of Rick Perry, even as the Governor’s legal team is taking steps in court to reveal the spurious nature of the charges.

One consequence of the indictment, however, has thrown conservatives in Texas for a loop.

Texas media began reporting last week that because of the charges against him, Governor Perry’s concealed carry license has been suspended by operation of law.

§411.187 of the Texas Government Code states that the Department of Public Safety shall suspend (not revoke, as it has been reported) a concealed carry license if the license holder is charged with the commission of a felony under an information or indictment. The same section of the statute states in part that if the suspension is due to a felony indictment, that the Department shall suspend the license until dismissal of the charges.

While the actual suspension of Governor Perry’s concealed carry license isn’t malicious — you can tell it’s a statutory directive by the use of the word “shall” — it’s sure to pose an inconvenience to a man who has defined himself as a champion of gun rights. According to Reuters, the indictment also limits Governor Perry’s Second Amendment rights in other ways:

Under federal law, he is prohibited from buying guns and ammunition while under indictment for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

“What he has he can use, but he can no longer purchase new stuff because of this felony charge,” said Josh Felker, who runs Lone Star Handgun, a shooting range near San Antonio.

Fortunately, the Governor will not be forced to surrender any guns or ammunition currently in his possession, and is still permitted to carry handguns on property that he “owns or controls.” He won’t be left defenseless, either: the ability of his security detail to carry concealed hasn’t been affected by the indictment.