The Featured Image is being spread widely on Twitter and Facebook as evidence of abducted women being sold either into slavery or marriage by ISIS in Mosul, Iraq.

Now ISIS may very well be doing such things, but this is not a photo of ISIS selling women.

It’s a photo from 2013 of Egyptian protests, available at this Arabic language website.

The Google translation is really, really, really rough, but it seems that they were protesting imprisonment of female Morsi supporters, and put themselves in a cage as part of that protest:

Fake Photo Women Being Sold in Mosul - Original website



For what it’s worth, here’s the strange translation:

Fake Photo Women Being Sold in Mosul - text translation

If we call out Pallywood photos in the Gaza conflict, we should try to avoid making even innocent mistakes ourselves.

There are plenty of real, beyond horrible photos circulating of ISIS atrocities.


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