I posted the other day how top-tier Democratic challenger Martha Robertson was using old photos of incumbent Republican Tom Reed, showing him to be very overweight, even though he now is thin after gastric bypass surgery in early 2013.

The image of the overweight Reed was featured prominently in Robertson’s first television ad, which she just rolled out.

Martha Robertson Ad Himself Fat Tom Reed

Was Robertson playing the “fat card” on Reed, as I suspected?

I tweeted to the Robertson Twitter account twice for a response, but nothing.

Even though I knew it was futile since they haven’t returned my emails in several months, I also emailed the campaign:

Can you explain why the campaign is using a 2011 photo of Tom Reed, showing him to be very overweight, in its TV Ad and on Twitter?

But no response.

It wasn’t just the current TV ad where Robertson uses images of the overweight Reed. She has tweeted out the image:

Martha Robertson Twitter Tom Feed Fat Photo August 5

And featured similar images on her campaign website homepage:

Martha Robertson for Congress home page 8-13-2014

And in non-TV web videos, which have some shots of the thin Reed, but feature and highlight the old photos from years ago:

Martha Robertson Video Tom Reed Ideologue Martha Robertson Video Tom Reed Come Clean Martha Robertson Video Tom Reed Come Clean 2 Martha Robertson Video Tom Reed Come Clean 3

I can’t say I’m surprised by the non-responsiveness, just as they went silent on the fundraising claim that GOP operatives tried to hack Robertson’s campaign website.

In case you were wondering, here’s what Tom Reed actually looks like:

Tom Reed Floor of Congress Taxes


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