Tom Reed used to be heavy.

Very heavy.

Then he had gastric bypass surgery in February 2013, and now he’s quite lean:

Tom Reed Buffalo News Gastric Bypass 2013

It’s not hard to find photos of the thin Tom Reed:

Tom Reed Floor of Congress Taxes

Reed is being challenged by Martha Robertson, whose campaign is in deep trouble as reported by every independent analyst, even though Robertson is the recipient of DCCC and out of state money, including a fundraising visit by Nancy Pelosi.

When candidates are in trouble, they do desperate things.

Robertson’s campaign is playing the fat card on Reed, using a photo of him that portrays him as his former fat self.  [See featured image]

The photo is from 2011:

Tom Reed 2011 photo

Really, they dug back to 2011 to find a fat photo of Reed.

Tellingly, the commercial is titled “Himself.”

Here it is. The usual stuff that will be fact checked, for sure.

But it’s the fat photo that sets the tone of the commercial.


The Reed campaign sent the following statement:

“Like many folks, Tom struggled with his weight for years, and was able to overcome it,” said Katherine Pudwill. “It’s unfortunate that Robertson would misrepresent Tom in this way and attack him for a personal battle that many people can relate to.”


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