If Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2016, will she pull an Obama, and blame everything on her predecessor, the way Obama still blames Bush for everything?

Even if it’s a President from her own party?  And an administration she participated in? And a Foreign Policy she helped develop?

From recent interviews, looks like Hillary has found her George Bush, and it’s Obama.

A new report from FOX News seems to indicate that when it comes to foreign policy, she she’ll be running against Obama’s legacy:

Clinton critical of Obama foreign policy, says ‘failure’ to act in Syria created vacuum for jihad

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner among potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidates, is sharply distancing herself from President Obama’s foreign policy, particularly in Syria, as Americans appear to continue losing confidence in his handling of key international affairs.

Clinton, who as secretary of state was Obama’s top diplomat, suggested during an in-depth interview with The Atlantic magazine that the president’s foreign-policy mantra of “don’t do stupid stuff” lacked sufficient depth.

“Great nations need organizing principles,” she said in the roughly 8,000-word interview released Sunday. “And ‘don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

The interview comes as Americans’ opinion of how Obama is handling crises in Israel, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, continues to sink.

A Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released Tuesday, three days before Obama ordered airstrikes and humanitarian airdrops in Syria, showed a record-high disapproval rating. Sixty percent of those polled disapprove of Obama’s foreign policy efforts, compared to 36 percent who approved.

The interview also could help or hurt the former first lady’s effort to burnish her own foreign policy credentials ahead of an official 2016 campaign.

The significance of Hillary’s position wasn’t lost on Maggie Haberman of Politico:

Hillary Clinton takes on Obama

Hillary Clinton has taken her furthest and most public step away from President Barack Obama, describing his decision against helping build a “credible” force that could battle the Assad regime in Syria early on as a “failure.”

In an interview with The Atlantic, she also rejected the core of Obama’s self-described foreign policy doctrine and stood firmly with Israel in the Gaza conflict.

Hillary and Obama have gone to great lengths to make the public forget how bitter things were between them after the 2008 Democratic primary.

If Clinton is forced to run against Obama on other issues, it could open old wounds for the Democratic Party.

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