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Cruel: Mass voters prefer Hillary over Liz 3-to-1

Cruel: Mass voters prefer Hillary over Liz 3-to-1

Liberal lioness no match for the heiress to the Clinton machine.

I refuse to believe this.

It can’t be:

In a matchup of potential 2016 presidential candidates, the poll shows that Massachusetts is still Clinton country — even if U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren gets in the race. The former Secretary of State leads Warren by a whopping 55-17 percent margin, with Vice President Joe Biden getting just 8 percent of likely Democratic voters.

I’m not giving up hope.

And neither is she.

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Heads, you lose..Tails, you lose.

Captain Keogh | August 25, 2014 at 7:22 pm

The dark shadows of the coming times.

Henry Hawkins | August 25, 2014 at 7:27 pm

Yeesh, choose your poison. I’d love to see these two on the primary debate stage, though.

2016: Democrat Year Of The Harpy

This says less about either candidate than it does about Massachusetts.

They all like the old bag…..but with Hillary, they ALSO get charming Billy….who they all get goosey for.

If Hillary, then why not Michelle? She has the same amount of experience.

Doug Wright Old Grouchy | August 25, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Well now, be happy? Yep if it’s Hillary vs. Liz, Hill will probably win out. However, if Hill does the “honorable(?) thing,” then it’ll be Liz vs. whomever the GOP nominates, in which case the loyal MSM will be full bore against that hopefully good person.

God help us then because we’ll need all his help to survive the third coming of Obama and his minions. Yet, our survival is very doable unless Ryan or another RINO in disguise runs (Now why would that happen?).

Wasn’t Hillary a shoe-in front-runner before?

Massachusetts has always had low standards.

Shouldn’t that be: Liberal squaw no match for the heiress to the Clinton machine.

I don’t know, Professor. I can see this poll being accurate. I’ll bet that half of Massachusetts doesn’t know that Elizabeth Warren IS their Senator. However, I don’t think that is what was going on here.

To begin with, it was a ridiculously small sample size (400). They attempted to selectively sample for “primary” voters by asking an early question as to when the Democrat Primary was to be held, and eliminated anyone who didn’t answer at least “September,” and then tried to control for “likely Democrat voters” by eliminating anyone who said less than “Very likely” to vote in the Primary.

45% of the respondents were 45-65, and another 28% were 66 or older (so this was an older population poll, most of which have been pining for a “Hillary” Presidency since GORE lost.

Further, Sen. Warren had a 81% Favorable rating, which beat out Clinton’s 77%.

My guess is that the Democrat voters think that outside of Massachusetts that Warren would have problems as the Democrat nominee (and they’re correct). Thus, they all say “I want Hillary as my first choice” because they all group-think that is the answer that they SHOULD give. It almost ends up being a self-reinforcing loop.

Ha, ha.

You said, “Group-THINK”. Whenever I am minded of Collectivists thinking, I have to laugh…

One thing for sure is that the clock industry will be grateful if either of these ugly clock stoppers wins. They will have millions of clocks to repair or replace.

Goes to show you how low Elizabeth Warren’s currency is, when she’s blown out of the water by Hillary “Obama’s Foreign Policy Brain” Clinton.

if you like your incompetent, fascist millionaire crone, you can keep your incompetent, fascist millionaire crone.

Let’s see, Evil Crone….Evil Granny….Evil Crone….Evil Granny? What a fabulous choice!

TrooperJohnSmith | August 26, 2014 at 1:49 am

MASS. DEMOCRATIC CATCH-22: “If you are stupid enough to elect Lying Lizzie ‘Liawatha’ Warren®, then you are stupid enough to vote for the even more morally corrupt Hillary Clinton over Warren. To NOT do so, means that you were not stupid enough to elect Warren in the first place.”

Mass voters prefer a fake Secretary of State to a fake Indian