Several days ago we wrote about the “Yarmulke March” planned for Copenhagen to protest anti-Semitic violence, after numerous anti-Semitic incidents and attacks, including a confrontation with a Jewish man initiated by this precious lady:

Copenhagen Woman Heil Hitler w caption

The march, organized by conservative politician Rasmus Jarlov, was held today.

There were about 500 participants, according to BT.  A different news report said 1000.

TV2 had a live blog of the event, and posted this entry on Facebook showing organizer Jarlov:

Here’s a video of the march — note the guy shouting “down, down Israel” at 2:15. This wasn’t a pro-Israel march, it was a march against anti-Semitism, a distinction lost on that guy:

There were only minor disruptions, as the Politiken report indicates [Google Translate – very rough but I think you get the point]:

The few skullcaps, who gathered at. 11 in Nørrebro Station in Copenhagen, grew over the course of today’s controversial demonstration against jew smear campaign for a one of a hundred feet long chain of skullcap-clad protesters who wove down the Nørrebrogade with fluttering Danish flags….

“The demonstration was very quiet. There have been few people who have been with the Palestinian flag on the roadside. But it was done very quietly. I think this is the quietest demonstration I have ever been to, “said Politiken photographer Ditte Valente….

The same message comes from Politiken journalist Birgitte Kjær.

“I saw three men standing with a sign, and then there was the one who reached out a finger fuck,” she says.

While it’s great that the march was held, it’s a shame that it needed to be held in the first place.

It will, of course, change nothing, as the interruptions and heckling showed.

As I have written before, in the real world, on the streets of Europe and elsewhere, there is no difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

[Featured Image source: “Tolerance is for all” via YouTube]


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