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Sen. Pat Roberts: “Every time I get an opponent, uh, I mean every time I get a chance I’m home.”

Sen. Pat Roberts: “Every time I get an opponent, uh, I mean every time I get a chance I’m home.”

Also, campaign retweets then deletes accusation that Milton Wolf “a racist and a fool”

Pat Roberts’ absence from Kansas, and questionable residency, has been an important issue in the Kansas Republican Primary, which is August 5.

The issue has been hammered by Dr. Milton Wolf (whom we support), the leading primary challenger.

The Wolf campaign called attention in a blast email to a classic Freudian slip by Roberts today, when being interviewed today on the KCMO morning show with Greg Knapp.

When questioned by Knapp about listener concerns that Roberts does not actually live in the state, Roberts responded in part:

“Every time I get an opponent, uh, I mean every time I get a chance I’m home.”

You can listen to the full segment here (quote appears at 12:50) and also a partial segment posted by the Wolf campaign (at 5:10).

Roberts’ dodging of a one-on-one debate with Wolf also has been an issue.

Roberts’ campaign retweeted someone arguing that Roberts should not have to debate “a racist and a fool”, but then quickly deleted the retweet. Makes sense, because it’s not true:

Pat Roberts 2014 deleted tweet re Milton Wolf racist and fool

My humble suggestion?

A series of one-on-one debates between Roberts and Wolf — no more games, no more dodging, let the people of Kansas decide based on the issues.


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“Humble suggestion?”

Please list all the second-term+ incumbent Senators who endorse their primary challengers. In history.

Heck, list all that debated their general election opponent. Not all that many there.

In fact, off the top o’ me head, the only one I can recall who fits the first category is Lindsey Graham, last month.

Of course, Senators who’ve served a while are well known to their constituents, so debates only help their unknown challengers gain name recognition and status from sharing the stage. There is little motivation to do that, especially when every poll shows the incumbent with majority support and the challenger at 23%.

    Estragon in reply to Estragon. | July 3, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    “who DEBATE their primary challengers” – the other answer would be “all but Lugar and Murkowski” among GOP losers.

    Crawford in reply to Estragon. | July 3, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    In other words, no senator should ever be reelected. I’m good with that.

    Please tell us why your point matters at all?

    Good candidates want to debate. rhino’s not so much.

    but, you like rhinos–we knew that.

    So, you throw out a useless metric to change the subject.

    like a rhino.

You know who else refused to debate his challenger? Thad Cochran. (also, Hitler)

These old fossils are irrefutable arguments for term limits.

I hope Dr. Wolf wins.

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