This week Obama spoke to a crowd in Austin, Texas. He was in the state for fundraisers and never visited the border. That didn’t stop him from complaining about congress and Republicans in particular. Obama said he’s doing all the work.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Obama: It’s Lonely Doing All The Work

“You know it is lonely, me just doing stuff. I’d love it if the Republicans did stuff too,” he said during his speech in Austin, Texas.

“Sometimes I feel like saying to these guys: ‘I’m the guy doing my job. You must be the other guy’,” Obama remarked, quoting Mark Wahlberg’s character in “a great movie called ‘The Departed.’

They say James Brown was the hardest working man in show business. I’m not so sure.

Obama loves to claim that he’ll listen to people’s ideas and work together. What he always fails to mention is that Republicans offer bills and ideas all the time. He just doesn’t like them.

Has Obama really given up on his job as some have suggested or is he just trolling his critics at this point?

Obama enjoyed a few beers and some pool on his trip. Does this look like a man who’s doing all the work?

I did more work putting together this post than Obama did in Texas.

Featured image via YouTube.