There is excellent article at See Thru Education by Robert Paquette, Hamilton College Professor of History, who also is a co-founder of The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization.

Previously, we have featured Prof. Paquette’s battles with multicultural dogma on campus,
Western Civilization driven off campus at Hamilton College.

Prof. Paquette’s post is How American Universities Assassinated the Fourth of July:

“American exceptionalism” would not become the whipping-bench of the professoriate until the last decades of the twentieth century, yet Americans from the first Independence Day onward, without the term in their lexicon, had a sense, somewhat mystical, but nonetheless deeply ingrained, of what might be called an orthodoxy, that their system of government exemplified by design a standard of moral rectitude that would not only bring peace and prosperity to themselves but serve as a liberating beacon light for oppressed people around the world….

Embrace of such language at an elite liberal arts college these days might get you thrown before the people’s court for creating a hostile environment. American exceptionalism, like any complex concept, has more than one meaning, and agenda-driven professors have delighted in reimagining or rethinking it for their students into a racist, expansionist, imperialist American triumphalism with which American exceptionalism does not necessarily equate….

A plague of historical disorientation and amnesia lies like a plague upon the land. Give thanks in part to the dumbing down of a population that is developing an almost Pavlovian response to the sooey calls of political charlatans and their academic allies to feed cheaply at the public trough. Give thanks in part to the historical amnesia produced at our finest and most expensive institutions of higher learning, where American history may not be required even of history majors….

Time for the counter-revolution. The bells are pealing at Old South Church.

Go read the whole thing. It’s worth it.