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Driving the 4th of July off campus

Driving the 4th of July off campus

The multicultural war on American exceptionalism spares nothing in its quest for campus thought control.

There is excellent article at See Thru Education by Robert Paquette, Hamilton College Professor of History, who also is a co-founder of The Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization.

Previously, we have featured Prof. Paquette’s battles with multicultural dogma on campus,
Western Civilization driven off campus at Hamilton College.

Prof. Paquette’s post is How American Universities Assassinated the Fourth of July:

“American exceptionalism” would not become the whipping-bench of the professoriate until the last decades of the twentieth century, yet Americans from the first Independence Day onward, without the term in their lexicon, had a sense, somewhat mystical, but nonetheless deeply ingrained, of what might be called an orthodoxy, that their system of government exemplified by design a standard of moral rectitude that would not only bring peace and prosperity to themselves but serve as a liberating beacon light for oppressed people around the world….

Embrace of such language at an elite liberal arts college these days might get you thrown before the people’s court for creating a hostile environment. American exceptionalism, like any complex concept, has more than one meaning, and agenda-driven professors have delighted in reimagining or rethinking it for their students into a racist, expansionist, imperialist American triumphalism with which American exceptionalism does not necessarily equate….

A plague of historical disorientation and amnesia lies like a plague upon the land. Give thanks in part to the dumbing down of a population that is developing an almost Pavlovian response to the sooey calls of political charlatans and their academic allies to feed cheaply at the public trough. Give thanks in part to the historical amnesia produced at our finest and most expensive institutions of higher learning, where American history may not be required even of history majors….

Time for the counter-revolution. The bells are pealing at Old South Church.

Go read the whole thing. It’s worth it.


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Interesting counterpoint…

See, this is kinda fun.

When your feet are in the street, and not parked under your ivory-tower desk, Prof. Purdy, just let me know.

I’ll see you outside, in the sun. Don’t just send your students. You march in front…

Driving away American exceptionalism is required as academia shifted from the transmission of knowledge to creating a desired Worldview that would guide perceptions of what cultural institutions needed to be transformed and why.

I chronicled lots of confessions of this intentional shift in my book Credentialed to Destroy. One of those most influential but least reported was the Talloires Declaration. Likewise, very few Americans are aware of the Interdependence Assemblies held in Philadelphia in 1976 to consciously shift the nature of what the Declaration of Independence has set in motion.

And with that shift Climate Change and alleviating Inequality through the Global Fairness Revolution came together as official pushes of the influential Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. Now just called the Aspen Institute and pushing what it calls For Benefit Capitalism and Racial Equity Theory of Change in earnest.

It’s all enough to have given Thomas Jefferson fits. At least he would have grasped it’s all about increasing the cartel power of the public sector and its cronies. They decide; we pay.

It’s the American form of government that’s exceptional. That’s what academia is trying to hide.

I watched Billy the Bomber Ayers on Megan Kelly’s Fox hour this week. Nauseating and Loathsome that the once Radical-Communist notions of the malignant SDS-Weather Underground of Ayers and the Delicate Bernardine are now SOP 2014 campus Lunacy nationwide. The bright and tenacious Megan and guest Dinesh D’Souza ripped the nice-nice off bomber Billy and I was applauding. Liar, America Hater and Malignant Professor.

Stalinism/Maoism is entirely acceptable…But, mere mention of American Exceptionalism..? Off to disciplinary reeducation pounding by today’s Thought Police.

AAaaaaahhhhhh…The Age of His Infantile Majesty Obama.