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Dad? Dad?

Dad? Dad?

America’s Dad isn’t home anymore and we are all paying the price

The news comes as no surprise to the citizens of America. “Dad” is out golfing again today.

— Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) July 26, 2014

This got me thinking. If the First Family is akin to America's Mom and Dad, then Dad has become an absent father.

When he's not golfing, he is out partying to raise political donations. Mom stays at home raising the girls and -- to her credit -- staying focused on her passion to help the rest of us eat more healthy. But Dad, oh Dad, where have you gone?

Dad? Dad?

The Telegraph in Britain has picked up on our nation's absent father as well.

Consider this: In recent days, a) Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down, apparently by Russian separatists in Ukraine, b) In the Gaza strip, the numbers killed continued to mount as Israelis and Palestinians exchange rocket fire, c) a huge influx of children fleeing Central American poverty and gang warfare swamped America’s southern border, creating a humanitarian crisis. And, oh yeah, d) Christians living in Mosul were given the choice to either convert to Islam or flee the area they have inhabited for nearly two thousand years.

You know what else has happened during this time? a) Obama played many rounds of golf, b) he attended numerous fund-raisers, c) he dined on barbecue in Texas and burgers in Delaware, and d) he almost appeared on the comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night television show in Hollywood.

I say “almost” because the White House finally relented. “We ultimately elected not to have the president do that interview over the course of this trip,” the White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, conceded. “And that is at least in part related to the challenges of doing a comedy show in the midst of some of these other more serious matters that the president’s dealing with in the international scene.”

The irony is that Obama won election in 2008, partly based on his ability to demonstrate leadership (at least, rhetorically).

If we take this family analogy one step further, our national aunts and uncles in the Governors residences are getting their jobs done. We may not always agree with each one of them -- but they are doing their jobs and tending to their states' citizens as good parents should. Uncle Rick Perry is getting so angry at absent Dad Obama that he's taking the matter on the border into his own hands.

No one should be particularly surprised at Dad's distance from his job and us, his citizenry family. He's not at the local bar getting tanked, but he is partying his life away while the rest of us wonder when Dad will come home.


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He’s not *my* dad. More like an employee that I personally didn’t want to hire.

So unfair!

Do you realize Obama has set all-time records for Presidents? To wit:

■ Most rounds of golf (more than all other Presidents combined!)
■ Most Air Force One trips
■ Most vacations
■ Most days on vacation
■ Most vacation trips for family members at taxpayer expense
■ Most fundraisers attended (will be more than all others combined if he keeps this pace through the end of term)
■ Most guests taken on official trips
■ Most employees taken on official trips
■ Most non-state White House parties

All that must surely count for something, yes?

nordic_prince | July 26, 2014 at 5:29 pm


What an insult to those of us who respect our fathers.

Don’t make me gag ~

Um…no, Bruce.

I see what you intended, but this is a terrrrrrible miss.

The President is not a paternal parent to anyone who considers themselves a free citizen of a republic.

He (or she) is just a public servant who occupies an office for (at most) a few years. With luck…and by tradition…they receded into the dim mists of memory and history.

If we could PAY this one to JUST golf and vacay, keep this lying trap shut, and do no further harm, that would be the deal of the century.

    Another Voice in reply to Ragspierre. | July 27, 2014 at 11:03 am

    And make that a “Life Time” contract if he were to just go away and stay away. Like Bill and Hillary, he will be just as obnoxious after he leaves the White House. He’ll be like an Al Sharpton with mega bucks.

      I see him as more like Jesse Jackson with his scams like threatening to boycott & picket the Toyota plant in Peoria until he got umpty millions under the table from the car company.

      Obama certainly doesn’t show his face among the urban plantations who voted 110% in some precincts for his re-election!

What’s this? Folks mistaking the magazine solicitor at the door for Dad?

Try getting child support from this deadbeat.

He is flawlessly following the example his own father set for him.

When the going gets tough the father takes the fastest route to the exit!

The country is in the very best hands the democrats have to offer. Aren’t we so fortunate to experience the wonders of the Greatest President Ever(TM) giving us the Most Transparent Administration (TM) in history.

Yes it is finally becoming so transparent even some of the most visually challenged citizens a starting to see right through it.

(I hope I got those trademarks in the right places. If I didn’t I’ll see you after the DOJ and the IRS are done with me)

    His father was a bigamist drunk who was killed in an auto accident in Kenya while apparently driving after a night of heroic booze guzzling.

    Barack sticks to Choom which keeps his instincts under some sort of control.

    He’s still a tyrant who is inadvertently causing anarchy.

Well, Washington, Adams, Jefferson were our “Founding Fathers” … I suppose Obama could be our “Floundering Father” …

Maybe Michelle won’t let Barry Soetoro have a ‘man’ cave at home where he could play Whac-A-Mole dressed as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

And maybe that’s why the Missing Link in our domestic and foreign polices can only be found on the links far from home or at a ‘fun’ raiser.

Don’t call Tyrant Obama the Liar our “dad”. That makes me sick.