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America Week at College Insurrection

America Week at College Insurrection

Another dispatch from the wacky world of higher education.

As long as it’s 4th of July weekend let’s start with America, our country and the film.

While we’re on the subject of America, here’s some news about our president.

Some Americans want this person to be the next president.

Say, don’t we still have free speech in America?

Speaking of culture, here’s an update on “rape culture.”

Most Americans have a good sense of humor, even professors.

Conservative women are making themselves heard on campus.

Higher ed bubble update.

Here’s some news from the best and brightest.

Religious studies update.


Site news: My colleague Leslie Eastman is moving on to other work and no longer will contribute posts at College Insurrection. Leslie will still contribute at Legal Insurrection. Huge thanks to Leslie for all her hard work.

Also, we would like to welcome to College Insurrection new Cornell undergrad contributors Casey Breznick and Nathaniel Hunter.

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A small note. The professors making fun of themselves are at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The first one up is Doug Allen, a first rate economist, did his PhD at the University of Washington, so maybe they are kind of American.